Our First RV Show….lots to see and think about!

So yesterday we went to our first RV show in Palm Springs, Florida.  It’s kind of amazing when you finally do see the amount of RV’s, Motor homes, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers and so on that you can choose from.   You also have different dealers offering different perks; different companies offering different warranties; different models of the same RV with different features that can make you compare and ponder one from the other each time you step into another vehicle.  At the same time that you’re feeling all of this excitement, you’re feeling anxious because you don’t want to miss a thing but you’re also trying to visualize how much of your home is possible to fit in these rolling homes on wheels.  I mean, you can’t take your favorite figurine that you’ve had for 30 years and display it on the shelf unless you want to have projectiles bouncing from the walls as you take your home on the road.  So trying to look at the features and thinking about what stuff you can keep all at the same time can be a bit stressful.

Before we left for the show we checked out a lot of youtube videos which are pretty thorough in showing the details of all the different manufacturers and the styles of their most popular RV’s.  I knew on the way there that I was interested in the Grand Design and I was lucky enough to get to see it because there were a few of them there, namely, the Reflection and the Solitude.  I like the size of the kitchen and closet (my two most important features) and Kenny liked the reclining chairs and the TV (and he’s already thinking about how he can put a bigger one in that space lol).

Many of these are brand new so now that we’ve seen them in person we can start to do some real research like joining a facebook page of those who own this brand (yes, there actually is one with thousands of people on it!) and looking into pre-owned and how much changes on the vehicle from year to year.  The depreciation on these things is pretty big, pretty quickly, so it might be worth it to buy second-hand….and least we thought so until we were faced with something called the “LIFETIME WARRANTY” lol…..I mean, how do you give up something like that because you don’t buy new?


Decisions decisions…..  but we have time because we still have to sell our home and wean off our “stuff” by selling it all little by little.  Hello Ebay and Etsy and Craigslist 🙂

IMG_3305 IMG_3309





Next stop….looking at the trucks that haul these things!






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