Ron Paul Endorses Bob White for Governor of Florida and so do I!




I know I have good taste. I met Bob at a local Republican Meet & Greet and knew in my gut that he was the kind of man Florida needed.  A lot of people are at work behind the scenes with very deep pockets trying to turn Florida blue….from the anti-2nd Amendment democrats to those who would like nothing better than to turn Florida into the next Welfare state and take away all the wonderful freedoms it has to offer both economically and constitutionally –which is why I left the state of New York after running for NY State Senate when I realized how doomed I was if I continued to live there with it’s high taxes and abundant nanny laws.

So lo-and-behold a short time later guess who endorses Bob White?  None other than Ron Paul!  Ron Paul red-pilled me back in 2007. After finding out about this stalwart Congressman from Texas who was running for President I got on the Liberty train and started the Long Island Ron Paul meet-up and from there I started the organization Liberty Candidates where I would help to promote Candidates running for office on the platform of Liberty which was my way of helping to bring more like Ron Paul into the fold through the election process.  It was sort of a ‘draining of the swamp’ back in 2010 – 2014 through supporting candidates who were adept at following the Constitution.


Well, this just proves to me that my instincts are good.  Before Ron Paul’s endorsement I jumped on board the Bob White Campaign trail as a a ground organizer for Saint Lucie, Martin, Indian River, Volusia and Brevard Counties.  We’re looking for leaders to step up and take action for this grass-roots campaign so if you’re looking to get involved with getting a Liberty Lover and Constitutionalist elected as Governor of the great state of Florida and to #KeepFloridaGreat then send me a note and we’ll get you started with a Tee-Shirt, business cards and bumper stickers.

We’re also looking for people to host meet-and-greets for their local friends, family & neighbors so if you are interested in doing so just message me with possible dates and we’ll work it out.

This is how you do it.  I worked for a campaign that managed to get a blimp in the air!  We can do this.  #WhoIsBobWhite?





Does Everything in an Irresponsible Society Need to be Legislated?


When did we become such an irresponsible society? When did it become the norm to create new laws with every legislative session to compound the old laws and add laws into the center of bills and on the end of them like a caboose making bills so large that your neighborhood Assemblyman and State Senator has no way to read them without the help of aids —who might be working for the other side <wink>.
No, seriously – today I almost ran over three people who were crossing the street while texting.  How long from now will it be that one of my friendly neighborhood “needs a pat on the back and wants a job renewal” Legislators will be dreaming up the next bill for our state –the “It is a criminal offense to cross the street and text and you will be hung from the gallows” bill—I can see it now….

When did we become a society of people who have no common sense and unless we are fined or arrested we’re going to do it until we are no longer “allowed” .  Is this how we have been brought up?  Did our baby boomer parents want to give their children everything they never had so they gave them a sense of NO RESPONSIBILITY??

Day after day I feel like a live in a society of irresponsible immoral drones who live in fear and need a pacifier in their mouth and a UPC code on their arm at all times.   On one hand we have people who can’t seem to figure out that with a little common sense like “If I cross the street in front of this moving vehicle I might get hit” or “with so many cars out there I should not expect to walk freely through a parking lot without someone possibly backing up on me so I should take responsibility for myself and WATCH OUT” or “If I drink 5  Red Bulls I might explode so please make a law that I can’t buy them unless I am old enough to kill people in a war but not old enough to have a beer” or “stopping at a red light is just not on my list of important things –so you better make a law so I can control myself.”  And on the other hand you have those that love giving up their liberty so they can feel secure!  The ones who are happy to be felt up, prodded and probed at the airport because there might be a terrorist –so make sure I don’t have a gun to protect myself from those terrorist –I will use a chair to ward them off!    Or they are happy to put up a sign in front of their house “gun free home” and send their children to a school in a “gun free zone” believing somehow that criminals can’t get guns or read?    Does anyone remember prohibition anymore?

Maybe I’m going off on tangents here or getting wax-poetic in order to make my point.  But if you eat poison you’re going to die and if you jump off a bridge you may not survive —do you need a new law to make sure you don’t do those things?  Do you need the government to babysit you day after day to keep you from harm’s way?

Think about that for a moment?  If you can’t take responsibility for your own life… the end what is the point?   Oh, wait…..there’s a law for that. 🙂


This Is What Happens When The Invited Legislators Don’t Show Up….

The 31 Legislators from Long Island who were invited to speak to their Constituents by the group Save Long Island, didn’t show up…. not one….  So the people stepped up to the mike and said what they had to say –right back at them.

Seems like a lot of people will be using their voting rights to vote these legislators right out of a job come election day!


Where is the Anger? NY “Safe” Act


I want to know where is the anger on Long Island towards the legislators who voted for this? Where is a call for the legislators to explain themselves? Why are the people on Long Island who are involved in the Republican party still asking for donations and having fundraisers and patting each other on the back? When will the people of Long Island who call themselves Republicans and Conservatives STOP BEATING A DEAD HORSE? What will they do, slap their local Senator and Assemblyman on the wrist and say “bad”. I’m sorry but HOLD THESE PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE! Lets face it –there are more people in their districts who are against guns (for lack of education) than for them –so giving away our 2nd Amendment even though YOU HELPED THEM GET INTO OFFICE– is not as important as KEEPING THAT JOB and to do that they pandered to the highest count of voters and it wasn’t YOU!

They are traitors and no one is saying a thing….. Well, I’m saying something –I’m running for office now because I’m MAD!

Campaign Website:

Trustee and Liberty Candidate Doug Marks wants Concealed Carry in his Town

Carpentersville trustee wants conceal carry in town

Could conceal carry become the law of the land in Carpentersville?

At least one trustee hopes so.

Although carrying concealed weapons is illegal in Illinois, village Trustee Doug Marks has found what he believes is an exception to the law and says it’s legal to carry weapons, provided a certified owner has unloaded the firearm and placed it inside a fanny pack.

Village President Ed Ritter says Carpentersville has worked hard to clean up its image and that Marks’ proposal could undermine those efforts. Village Attorney James Rhodes is researching whether Marks’ proposal is legal.

Marks got the information from Conceal Carry, a group advocating for such. Marks doesn’t belong to the group but keeps track of what it’s doing.

In a letter from Conceal Carry, the group cites a 1997 appellate court decision from Champaign County in advising police to allow people to carry an unloaded firearm, ammunition magazines and a valid FOID card in a fanny pack.