Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Clean Food News for 5/20/2021

List of Republican Traitors – They voted with Pelosi to create a January 6th Commission – Now they are the target list for primary challenges

DA declines to prosecute man arrested in St. Patrick’s Cathedral vandalism

The Media’s COVID Origin Coverup Campaign Has Begun

Michigan conservative commentator Tudor Dixon to run for governor, challenging Whitmer

House GOP report: Likely U.S. engaged in ‘dangerous’ research in China, COVID escaped lab

Windham Audit Update: Machine “Two” Repeatedly Favored Democratic Candidates

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Bill into Law

Last but not least department:

Only in Florida: Crazed Woman Stalks Governor

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Clean Food News for 5/18/2021

Gov. Whitmer Pushes MIOSHA to Establish Permanent COVID-19 Rules

Effective Against COVID-19: FDA Wants to Ban Dietary Supplement NAC

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Say Fann Letter Was Defamatory

Anticipating Wisconsin Election Audit Results and Complaints Resolution

Voting machines across Pennsylvania county not accepting Republican ballots in local races: Report

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Clean Food News of the Day 5/13/2021

Cheney, stripped of leadership position, vows to keep Trump from returning to presidency

CDC’s Walensky: Get The American Public Vaccinated

Maricopa County: The Big Router Lie

World’s most vaccinated nation sees COVID-19 resurgence, raising questions over Chinese vaccine

New Numbers Show Inflation Is Spiking at the Fastest Rate in Years

Largest Petroleum Pipeline System in U.S. Sees Outage Involving Ransomware

Dogecoin copycats are driving up Ethereum fees and vexing parts of the crypto community

This amazing interview with Matt Deperno on Antrim Audit is worth listening to TWICE! Dark To Light: Matt DePerno – Election Integrity In Antrim, MI  

Joe Biden to Reporters: ‘I’m Not Supposed to’ Answer Your Questions

@@@So the digital dollar is going to compete with Bitcoin? The Central Bank??? “End the Fed” Digital Dollar: Central Bank Currency to Compete with Bitcoin

JPMorgan, others discuss issuing credit cards to people with no credit scores 

Company Defies Michigan Governor’s Order to Shut Down Oil Pipeline

Daugherty V Raffensberger: The Little Election Lawsuit That Could