And the Endorsement Goes to…..

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In the beginning of the election season, 2016, I promised to eat my hat if Trump got the nomination (I still might end up having to do this) and I tried to guide people to the Libertarian party should the right and the left see that their candidates of choice did not get the nod.  Since it appeared that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were acquiring the “popular vote”, and I know that this doesn’t necessarily garner one the nomination because, as the saying goes,  the Democrat and Republican Parties don’t elect a President they select ….. and I hadn’t seen Bernie or Trump show up at the Bilderberg meeting lol (it’s not really funny),  but I digress….

You see, I made a plea a few month’s back that if their candidate of choice did not get the nomination because the media behind the GOP and Democrat parties kept referencing “Stealing the Election”,  that they should look to the Libertarian party because it had ballot access in 50 states and that it had a candidate who had run in the past, Gary Johnson, who was an upstanding candidate and someone worth looking into and switching gears for……  only, I’ve changed my mind.

I can’t, I just can’t…..  apparently Gary Johnson picked a CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] VP running mate, William Weld, and this makes a big difference to me.  If this is a choice you make for a running mate how can I trust any of your future choices? I learned a long time ago from my Presidential Candidate of choice, Ron Paul, that the Council on Foreign Relations stood for Big Global Government and as I see our American Sovereignty heading in that direction, the last thing I expected was to see the Libertarian Party jumping on the Globalist bandwagon.  That is what VP Candidate, William Weld, represents to me.

SO after much thought and consideration I’ve decided to go back to the beginning and to me, that always meant Principal over Party –and If I’m going to stand by this adage that represented everything I stood for as the creator of “LibertyCandidates” then I ought to stop playing politics and picking people based on who I believe people will vote for and instead stand behind the candidate that represents Liberty personified –and that person, whom I am endorsing for the Libertarian Nomination as Presidential Candidate is Darryl Perry.

Darryl was our Liberty Candidate for 2016 President before I closed up shop on LibertyCandidates back in 2014 due to apathy. Darryl knew back then that he wanted to step up and carry the torch to have his message heard– and he followed through.  Listening to debates and interviews the last few days since becoming a Libertarian Delegate –which I am taking very seriously– I’ve decided to take the high road and endorse the candidate who I feel personifies what the Libertarian Party was built upon and should stand for.

Darryl Perry for 2016 Libertarian Presidential Nomination.

That is all.


Gigi Bowman, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food