This Black Friday Turn the Liberal Boycott Around… #BuyTrump #GrabYourWalletBuyTrump #ShopIvanka

Apparently the women on the left –the crybaby generation –the WhaaIsMe Liberals –the HeSaidPussyWhoCaresIfHillaryAndHerFriendsArePedophiles
Are boycotting Ivanka Clothing.  They have a website dedicated to boycotting her line and a Twitter hashtag….but lo and behold now that they have done all the work we can turn this around!
UNboycott!  Use your pocketbooks ladies and SHOP SHOP SHOP Ivanka!  Her clothing is gorgeous, well made and quality.  Her clothing, handbags and shoes are affordable.  We can do this.  Black Friday is coming. Christmas is Coming to town. Holiday season is upon is.  What do you want for Christmas ladies?? #ShopIvanka!!!

Go to Your Twitter Account and #GrabYourWalletBuyTrump #BuyTrump #ShopIvanka


SHOP at the companies they tell you to Boycott and Boycott the companies where they tell you to shop.   Fight Fire with Your Pocketbook.

We can do this ladies!


Edited to Add:  I’ve just been informed of this commercial from Celebrity Cruise telling Trump supporters they are not Welcome.  Lets hope this capsizes their cruise lines.  Cruise elsewhere:


Edited again to Add:  ^ The video has been taken down. Hopefully Celebrity Cruise has received a lot of flack and a lot less customers.