The Challenge of Narrowing Down Your New Home on the Road

Of all the things to consider when taking it on the road, the one most important thing for me is being able to cook and eat right and not resort back to a poison, pre-packaged lifestyle, eating GMO’s or pesticide and herbicide infused food because I don’t have the facilities to prepare decent meals.  Therefore, to  me, that important part of this whole thing is the kitchen.   For Kenny, I’m not actually sure what the most important part of the home on wheels is to him other than the adventure itself,  but you can be sure it better have a roomy bathroom lol

So I’ve spent the last few days really researching what kind of home on the road will become my home and we’ve decided that we are most likely going to go for the fifth wheel over the Class A because there is more space and it’s more economical and the value won’t depreciate as much if we take care of it.  We just have to worry that the vehicle that pulls it is safe and economical and lasts as long as possible with miles on the road so we’re going to be getting a heavy duty 1 ton diesel vehicle to pull this thing.  The other factor is money.  We don’t want to spend more than 1/2 of the cost of our home on both the vehicle and the fifth wheel so now we ponder new or used after we figure out what we actually want.

Kenny checking out a Class A Motor Home this past week

Having just moved from New York to Florida, I had to downsize my wardrobe because there was no longer a need for wool and flannel in the warmer climate.  Now I will have to downsize yet again into a world with few nick-nacks and fewer clothes than I have now because there is something I won’t have on the road that I have a lot of here —closet space!

SO for me it’s all about a kitchen and a decent closet.  Kenny and I looked at a Class A Motor home the other day and both of these things left a LOT to be desired.  When I saw the size of the closet I would have to contend with on this motor home I almost fainted. When I saw the kid-sized stove it reminded me of a stove from a child’s playhouse.  ~Not having it~  Especially when I’m so in love with the beautiful kitchen in my beautiful little house that I’ll be leaving…..lets just say I was having sleepless moments of heartache.  So I came home and started web-researching our other choices and getting input from friends after my first blog-posting and I found out about fifth wheels and how much roomier they are and well, then I saw this….



and about that closet….

dont_copy (1)

and the bathroom….


Well, anyway, it’s not looking that heartbreaking after all.  I’ll let you in on what we decide and the road to get on the road as it all comes down…

So I’ll leave you until Friday when Kenny and I embark on our first RV show in Palm Springs.  Like I said, it all comes down to what we can afford in the end.  We’re doing this to live more free not to have more debt so we have to factor everything in.

So ladies……this isn’t looking to shabby now, is it?  I can do this!



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