Does Everything in an Irresponsible Society Need to be Legislated?


When did we become such an irresponsible society? When did it become the norm to create new laws with every legislative session to compound the old laws and add laws into the center of bills and on the end of them like a caboose making bills so large that your neighborhood Assemblyman and State Senator has no way to read them without the help of aids —who might be working for the other side <wink>.
No, seriously – today I almost ran over three people who were crossing the street while texting.  How long from now will it be that one of my friendly neighborhood “needs a pat on the back and wants a job renewal” Legislators will be dreaming up the next bill for our state –the “It is a criminal offense to cross the street and text and you will be hung from the gallows” bill—I can see it now….

When did we become a society of people who have no common sense and unless we are fined or arrested we’re going to do it until we are no longer “allowed” .  Is this how we have been brought up?  Did our baby boomer parents want to give their children everything they never had so they gave them a sense of NO RESPONSIBILITY??

Day after day I feel like a live in a society of irresponsible immoral drones who live in fear and need a pacifier in their mouth and a UPC code on their arm at all times.   On one hand we have people who can’t seem to figure out that with a little common sense like “If I cross the street in front of this moving vehicle I might get hit” or “with so many cars out there I should not expect to walk freely through a parking lot without someone possibly backing up on me so I should take responsibility for myself and WATCH OUT” or “If I drink 5  Red Bulls I might explode so please make a law that I can’t buy them unless I am old enough to kill people in a war but not old enough to have a beer” or “stopping at a red light is just not on my list of important things –so you better make a law so I can control myself.”  And on the other hand you have those that love giving up their liberty so they can feel secure!  The ones who are happy to be felt up, prodded and probed at the airport because there might be a terrorist –so make sure I don’t have a gun to protect myself from those terrorist –I will use a chair to ward them off!    Or they are happy to put up a sign in front of their house “gun free home” and send their children to a school in a “gun free zone” believing somehow that criminals can’t get guns or read?    Does anyone remember prohibition anymore?

Maybe I’m going off on tangents here or getting wax-poetic in order to make my point.  But if you eat poison you’re going to die and if you jump off a bridge you may not survive —do you need a new law to make sure you don’t do those things?  Do you need the government to babysit you day after day to keep you from harm’s way?

Think about that for a moment?  If you can’t take responsibility for your own life… the end what is the point?   Oh, wait…..there’s a law for that. 🙂