False Flags, Fake News and the Death of the 1st Amendment

In the last week we had a “shooter” at a pizza place being investigated by the people on social media –and we investigate because we see the dots and we connect them….why? Because we don’t see the media or journalist doing this or even talking about it. We haven’t even seen journalist go through Wikileaks or discuss them…. the only Wikileaks investigations have been by the people for the people. There have been some serious allegations and the amount of circumstantial evidence is overwhelming so by putting our heads together we take matters into our own hands and we connect dots.  This is nothing new…we’ve had to do this for many incidents that have happened in the USA including the shootings of Kennedy, his brother and Martin Luther King. We do this with how wars are started when we find out that we were lied to about weapons of mass destruction. We do this when 3 buildings come down and they only talk about 2 and we are told that it was done by 19 guys with box cutters and are told to shut up, sit still, be quiet.  But this is the United States of America and we are the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!  So I have every right as a citizen to talk to people and to put my head together with my friends to figure things out…..  But now they want to stop that and our 1st Amendment is hanging by a thread because they have now labeled what we do, say and write –they have labeled any opinion but theirs “FAKE NEWS”
In the last day we have had another incident of a woman arrested for harassing a “Sandy Hook” parent.  They have labeled her the “Sandy Hook Denier” .   What are we to believe here?  Is this a big coincidence that in one week we have people being arrested for two incidents that The People of the United States of America have spent time discussing because they have been used to infringe on our Constitution? Because of what happened at Sandy Hook, which happened in the state right next to mine when I lived in New York, I ran for office. Why? Because days after Sandy Hook took place they rushed through an infringement on the 2nd Amendment called the NY Safe Act. So Sandy Hook truly affected us all in that state…..which is why there were so many citizen investigations. No one in the media seemed to be answering the questions and the more we watched the mainstream news, the less things seemed real. It was truly macabre what was happening.
A third incident now involves Megyn Kelly, a celebrinewswoman who says she’s received death threats and are saying a member of Trump’s transition team is partially responsible because through social media he sent a tweet which read “Megyn Kelly made a total fool out of herself tonight – attacking @realDonald Trump. Watch what happens to her after this election is over.”
So add this to the two shootings and suddenly there is a watchful eye all over social media and people are being shut down for trying to post YouTubes or information pertaining to anything related to what is suddenly deemed “fake news”.  And who gets to decide what “fake news” is?  Whatever the powers that be decide it is thereby infringing on the 1st Amendment.   This is beyond yelling “fire” in a movie theater. I’m pretty sure we all understand the difference before actually inciting riots and discussing our opinions on activity that directly affects our rights as citizens.
Shootings, Death Threats……they’ll show us, they’ll make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore!  They will take care of the problem!
Problem, Reaction, Solution….that’s how it works folks.  They call this sort of thing a False Flag and you can look them up throughout history.  They are a tool used to guide situations and they apparently work.  They are guiding our Constitution right out of existence.


SO we must stay vigilant.  When they shut us down we start up again somewhere else. Never forget that we are Americans and we came here so that the government wouldn’t push us around.  Today they are doing the pushing by using the media, corporations and the people we vote into office.

No no no…..we must not give in.  We have one another and we don’t need anything but the ability to put our heads together to figure out ways to fight back.  This doesn’t have to include anything more than continuing to fight back with pen in hand.

Remember the White Rose Society……. and let that be our inspiration.


I will leave you with this video of Alex Jones from a few weeks ago….He doesn’t have the answers and he’s quite honest about it. He has been harassed of late as being the leader of the “fake news”.  Support your “fake news” friends and citizen journalist.


Get the Real Fake News Right Here Folks! #PizzaGate #Swastikas & #Rugby

a 3T&G Production


Remember the 1st Amendment?  I’m pretty sure our children’s children will be saying this somewhere down the line….

Thanks to citizen investigators doing the job of the non-journalist who work for the “reel” news, we now need to have citizen investigators because the gloss and glitz of TV news and what they pass on the internet through video is no longer the “news”.  I mean, they couldn’t even figure out that their boss, Hillary Clinton, was going to lose the Election with all their polls and news stories and magazines printing the big win right up to the moment that their candle blew out.


Than along comes a list naming the “fake” news and blaming it for passing information that’s not real as compared to THEIR news…you know, like where they report on Swastika’s being spray painted in a park and blaming it on Trump supporters only to find out in the Fake-Real news that it was a black Democrat who did the spray job. But funny….I haven’t seen CNN or the “real” news post a retraction about blaming Trump supporters…or that this arrest even happened.  Go figure.  Step right up folk and get your real news right here at CNN lol


You just can’t make this stuff up folks.  Now I have to sit my children down on text messages and explain to them “kids, the real news is fake and the fake news is real and mom is tired because she was up all night reading the Wikileaks”.

So today I’m bringing you the “real” news as us investigative mommies have figured it out…..  (and where the fuck is Ben Swann?)

From a T (of 3T&G Productions lol):

This is in reference to this #pizzagate photo…..and us ladies of the ~middle of the night~ figuring out who it was….



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I want to begin by stating that we did ,indeed ,weigh other options before stating the opinion that the man in the photo was Michael Quinn. Another man , playing for a Washington Rugby team, has also been pointed out as a possibility as the gentleman on the right in the Instagram photo. I will not share the name of the Washington player as we’ve found no conviction of any type, most specifically none on child related felony charges. It is not our intention to incriminate someone who may be an innocent man photographed at the wrong place at the wrong time. Both men bear resemblance to the man in the photo. Quinn bears a very strong resemblance to the man in the photo. (please reference beard growth pattern)… This bickering over the identification has brought to light a problem that needs to be addressed. You are aware that this entire ‘investigation’ is based upon OPINION? It is our OPINION that there is more than meets the eye in what we refer to as #pizzagate. It is our OPINION that has lifted thousands of voices in protest against these involved in the wiki emails with words such as #pizza, #hotdog found in strange contexts. It is our OPINION that has us examining Alefantis’ Instagram and other social media. It was our collective OPINIONS that have had us voice accusations of pedophilia … Oh the irony … Is it now wrong to have an opinion if it doesn’t agree with another’s opinion of any given examination of the situation? It is our burden to relay information that allows others to examine what is presented and somehow establish possibilities to support our OPINIONS. The burden of proof rests upon this… So work toward PROVING your statement or ask yourselves EXACTLY what you are trying TO PROVE? Our EGOS aren’t going to imPROVE the situations of any innocent children who may be in danger at this very moment. If someone can bring me actual proof that the man in the photo is anyone other than Quinn, for example the Washington player wishes to contact me and state it’s him in the photo or Quinn issues a statement from prison denying this, then the only PROOF anyone has to offer is a photo and and an opinion…which is exactly what we offer. Looks like we have a Mexican standoff here and I’m not budging based on opinion. Bottom line : Quinn IS a convicted pedophile who attempted to procure a child in LA from a Federal agent in a sting, and Alefantis IS being viewed as one based on a long list of very disturbing circumstantial ‘evidence’ based on our researching this man. [ when I say our, I mean everyone researching this topic ] So if we all agree on Alefantis , then why are we wasting our time arguing pointlessly over a picture that could possibly add another pedophilia connection? Unless someone is attempting to clear a little mud off of Alefantis’ name by dismissing a possible connection with a known pedophile … Do not defend Quinn as not being the man in the photo by dragging another through the mud without any more proof than you state I have. That makes your argument invalid and slightly suspect… We are all looking for the truth. For once, as Hillary so often reminded us, we are truly ‘doing it for the children’. Please check your ego at the door. And #FREEJULIAN


From another T explaining the burden of proof:


And right now the G is trying to figure out with her three T’s, what the hell happened to the CAM across from Comet Ping Pong Pizza that suddenly went dark just before the #PizzaIncident?? Coincidence?

And did I read from one real-fake news source that the crazy #pizzagate shooter fired a shot and that he didn’t fire a shot? The bartender inside the pizza place didn’t see a gun (yet if one was fired….oh geez, forget it. This real news is hard to keep up with lol)

Make up your minds JOURNALIST….geez

Turns out the “shooter” is an actor more to come on this false flag I’m sure….


So if you want to know what’s real or fake, ask a mom today!  While we’re cleaning, taking care of kids, working three jobs and sewing buttons on our husband’s shirts while making a three course meal….we’re also investigating the Wikileaks and researching shards of info and putting together FACTS.   Got that BBC who had Jimmy Saville right under their newsprint while he raped women, children and dead people…but they couldn’t figure that out for 30 years…..  or could they?  Maybe sometimes when you’re part of the problem….you don’t investigate it –even when you’re the NEWssssssss

Hmmm and what of Breitbart calling out Podesta in that iphone video at CPAC right before he….well, you know.

Hey girls, where is that list of dead people? no, not the one of the holistic doctors…the one’s that were investigating Hillary and the DNC and child abductions….that list.

And where the hell are the McCann’s by the way???? Do we have to do that too?? hey girls….


I’ll leave you with this….hot off the press: