I endorse Stephen Ruth for NY State Senate


I endorse Stephen Ruth for NY State Senate. Someone has to do the job of schooling the criminals in office in NY State.  I, myself, ran for NY State Senate in 2014 and I learned quite a lot –how they go after you as soon as you step up to the plate and sue to get you off the ballot. The games they play to keep their cushy jobs and line themselves with taxpayer and lobbyist money for their campaigns.  They lie, they cheat and they steal over there in NY State –and all one has to do is read the local paper to see the usual suspects and the arrest that have taken place in the last few years since I ran.

It’s time to have real people take the bull by the horns in NY State. No more career politicians and good-ole-boys club.  Take back your state before you end up like me and get so pissed off that you leave it.  I left my parents and kids behind to get the hell out of NY State because the taxes keep raising and it’s no place to retire.  Every time you turn around a new law is created to take away more liberty and generate more income for the State and the criminal legislators.

Take your state back. Vote for Stephen Ruth for NY State Senate District 2. He’s got the guts to fight the system.  Someone that’s needed badly in NY State.

If this video doesn’t wake you up -nothing will.  You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again because you’re going to destroy what’s left of that beautiful state.  Stop voting the same career politicians in and vote for a CITIZEN!


**and for heaven’s sake New Yorkers, help the guy collect signatures to get on the ballot –lets get him 20,000 signatures so those lying cheating bastards don’t have a leg to stand on trying to sue him off the ballot too.


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Speed Cameras and Red Lights, Revenue or Safety? By Randi Shannon








Randi Shannon is a Liberty Candidate running for Iowa Senate Senate in District 34

Photo enforcement is about revenue. One cannot deny the amount of cash they generate. Many cities generate thousands and sometimes millions from these machines; the party that always wins… is the camera vendor.

Many say it’s always been about the revenue, rather than the safety. All that is needed is to increase the length of yellow lights by one second, and you’ll have fewer people running red lights and significantly fewer accidents. But… if passive easy revenue is your goal, then you shorten the yellow light time, a few cities have been caught doing just that.

Cedar Rapids has ignored the safety benefit of increasing the yellow light time and decided to install red-light cameras and collect the profits instead.

No points are assessed to a driver’s license when caught by a camera, many do not know they can contest the fine. It is also impossible to face your accuser (the camera) in court. The cameras punish the car’s owner, not the driver. When a spouse or child borrows your car and is caught by the camera, you pay the fine not them. This is unconstitutional but no one seems to care to follow the law on this.

A police officer’s presence would prevent speeding as opposed to speed cameras catching speeders after the fact. Anyone who drives on I-380 knows that seeing a police car with lights on will get everyone to immediately slow down.

Are the speed cameras about perks for politicians? In one state, speed camera lobbyists treated some politicians to dine at an expensive restaurant where the check was nearly $4,000. A few speed camera companies and insurance companies combined, gave almost $1,000,000 in campaign contributions to politicians in Maryland, over the years to implement speed cameras. Cameras have been called a wise and courageous move for crooked politicians. Have any in Iowa received something similar?

Companies that operate red light and speed cameras are always looking for receptive city council members. Joe public very rarely has the opportunity to review the sales pitch these companies make behind closed doors, as it is many times unlike to the message they present to the general public.

Cameras are just a beginning of a complete loss of freedom in America.

If you don’t like these cameras you should check out a gps camera detector like this.

Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

– Benjamin Franklin

What say you?

by Randi Shannon

Republican Candidate for Iowa State Senate District 34

Read more about Randi Shannon at her website http://shannonforsenate.com/