Many Liberty Candidates Named as Possible Successors to Ron Paul’s Seat

The legacy of Ron Paul: Who will fill his House seat?

Two time Liberty Candidates, Floyd Bane and William Yarbrough, Past Liberty Candidate, John Dennis and first time Liberty Candidates Karen Kwaitkowski and George Harper named as possible successors to Ron Paul’s legendary seat in the House.  Needless to say we know we’re doing something right at Liberty Candidates 🙂

RICHMOND, February 29, 2012 – Whether Ron Paul wins the White House in November or not, one thing is for certain; he is not coming back to the House of Representatives. This leaves many wondering who will take up the mantle for liberty after the good doctor has retired.

The obvious choice is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son. Michigan congressman Justin Amash is probably the closest to Dr. Paul in the House. There are, however, others who have been inspired by Dr. Paul’s example and have a good chance at making a splash in congressional elections this fall.


One thought on “Many Liberty Candidates Named as Possible Successors to Ron Paul’s Seat

  1. Hello, I probably know more about District #14 than most, including the current Honorable Representative Ron Paul. Wow how could that be possible. I am running for District #9 myself because of the flow of politics in the Libertarian Party that does not have primaries in Texas even though they have been offered in the past.

    So I chose not to run in District #14, because of politics withing the Libertarian party would more than likely not given me the nomination I needed for November. The new district boundaries take in the blue water route and Jefferson County and of course Galveston and Brazoria County. I has won the Democratic primary in Galveston couynty the last election.
    With the addition of the blue water route and my inusrance and real estate and now minister work in Jefferson County for the past twenty years, I would make the best candidate for District #14. Did you know the blue water route to Port Arthur from Galveston has been closed over 35 years because of politics and just over the Lousiana side the same road has been rebuilt 5 times during the same time period. this is a terrible price people dependent on John Sealy Hospoital go almost an hour our of the way to make the same trip and the Town of Sabine Pass use to be large tourist stop for the road vacations that came to a halr after part of the road washed out in a tropical Storm.

    While running in district #9 I am going to raise some the issues in District 14 in order to bring light to items that need to be addressed in the next session of the United States Congress. mThe Libertarian nominee or any nominee on the ballot in November for district #14 should pay close attention to some of the other issues that need to be addressed like a Federal Judge for the Galveston/Brazoria County area.the Honorable Ron Paul could have chosen to take up this noble cause because it needs to be addressed and frankly maybe he was spending too much time running for President year after year.. May GOD bless all of us. amen rev john wieder district #9.

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