Donald Trump to Expose Cruz’s Wife? Let me Help….

I was out getting drunk on Taco Tuesday last night….and boy, what did I wake up to?? Trump and Hillary take Arizona, Bernie and Cruz take Utah ……and the realization that the North American Union is the ultimate goal because Trump finally said (after a nude photo of his wife surfaces), that he will exposes Cruz’s wife and I’m like YEE HA!

Thank you to the nude photo exposing asses who thought this would bring Trump down –if nothing else…this will EXPOSE the bullshit to a new host of people!

You see, CRUZ IS THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE….he was put in to further the NAU. North American Union.  His wife is CFR….she worked for BUSH. This has been in the works for a very long time….

Ron Paul Supporters, Time To Get To Work! Trump Just Gave You A Bigger Audience!

Who told us about this?? RON PAUL, that’s who! And who did they NOT WANT NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE so they changed the rules? RON PAUL! And now here comes Trump….exposing the crap that’s been brewing under the surface for a long long time….

And you got people like Vincente Fox saying esentially, “FUCK TRUMP” lol –what’s it his business?


This is too good 🙂

See who’s name is on this Council on Foreign Relations Task Force concerning the NAU?????

HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.

**Oh, and for the record, Condoleezza Rice is another name that was brought up to give the GOP nomination to at a brokered convention

**And who endorsed Cruz recently? Jeb BUSH

Watch this video:

Ron Paul supporters…now is the time to spread your knowledge and help people connect the dots. Stop fighting about Trump and be happy that, if nothing else, he has given us a wider audience who can now see what we’ve known.

This year is the year that the dots are finally becoming apparent.

THE NAU is the ultimate first step to Globalism…… and it’s in the works. STOP IT!!!

Start to Connect These Dots:
Cruz, Bush, Finicum and the BLM, CFR, TPP, Cruz’s wife, Vincente Fox, Trudeau, Rule changes to stop Paul and now Trump (a nationalist) at the GOP, Globalism, Hillary, Condoleesa Rice, Jeb Bush……


Please click these links to find out more information and pass it on as you understand it:

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The North American Leaders Summit:  Obama

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Shadow Ring (you might want to view this film)

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The NAFTA Super Highway by Ron Paul

The Truth About Ted Cruz by Stefan Molyneux

What Every Voter Should Know About Ted Cruz – Next News Network


Just google…’s important for the future of our children

Thank you for listening,






Gigi Bowman, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump to Expose Cruz’s Wife? Let me Help….

  1. Just for the record, as you well know, the CFR also includes in its membership individuals from the media, entertainment, and even religious sectors of our society. How many people know that Rick Warren, for example, famous for his book “The Purpose Driven Life,” is also a member?

  2. I am a nobody but I have know about these plans for long time. It’s common knowledge with people that do reference work in what they read. It’s like you get a statement you run reference of at least 7 to 10 different facts to check if it’s true. If it comes back of at least 7 you run more reference it did and I know it’s true about cruzes specially his wife you should know she is the power he is a pawn. But to be fair there are hundreds trying to organize this.Bushes use to be the pushers for it.But it is something that must be push in like boiling a frog. They have been at it a long time. Let’s be truthful with references Rubios drug dealers,Bushes oil,Cruces new world order Ted is puppet for his wife she is the real power player. Common knowledge that’s why she stays in background. Trump trying to make her come out that’s very dangerous for Trump. You ask why your dealing with people that have been working on the new world order for over 20 to 30 years. I really don’t care if you beleive me but why don’the you run the references start with the subject NEW WORLD ORDER be patient the first run will take 2 to 3 hours but after that everything starts to fall into place with names and places good luck.

  3. Gigi, You know that Trump has stopped threatening to spill the beans on Heidi after his poll numbers dropped. Unlike Ted, Trump has no super PAC to do the dirty job. Someone, some groups need to organize and demand Heidi to be vetted. It’s necessary.

  4. “Cruz, Bush, Finicum and the BLM, CFR, TPP, Cruz’s wife,” You shouldn’t have Finicum’s name sandwiched between the evil ones.

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