In 2020 It’s Time For A New Way To Learn About Who May be Representing You


Who are you actually voting for?


They came together in a small diner that caters to Veterans.  They were invited by a letter in the US mail as well as through the email system and out of the 17 invited, 9 agreed.  This wasn’t an ordinary “candidate forum” because we had invited people from both of the parties recognized as the 2-Party-System, and that baffled the likes of the candidates and the local party branches. “How can you have a forum and invite Democrats?” asked one local Republican representative.  We were the Treasure Coast Republican Liberty Caucus after all and Republicans don’t invite Democrats to candidate vetting or forums etc., but we knew that we were trying to do something different.  We knew that it was not about party, it is about the people, and in this day and age when we seem to be in a virtual and technological civil war with our friends and families alike, maybe it’s time to step back and look at those running to represent us and actually find out who these people are, what they stand for, and if they’re even running in the correct party that they have chosen to affiliate themselves with!  They are just people after all.  We should not all be defined by party to the point where we are fighting with one another, yet not understanding where our candidates really do stand on the issues themselves.

The candidates that came were not all vying for the same seats, in fact, they were quite varied. Two state reps from different districts, one previously elected in the last election; a county sheriff candidate running against a quite encumbered opponent; 2 County Commissioners from different districts; a candidate for supervisor of elections; and two school board members vying for the same seat.  The questions asked were not local specific and all candidates were asked the same questions whether they were local issues or state and federal issues.  We just really wanted to know who they were and where they stood.

We present to you the Candidate Forum

The Forum was moderated by Ann Vandersteel of Steel Truth and her new venture The Campaign Corner.   We were originally going to live stream this forum but thought it better that we presented it to the public in a more professional way so that it might be more appealing in an up-close-and-personal format. We want to thank Ann for all the work she has done on this.

We do believe that after having been a part of this forum, that we hope we are setting a precedent for other counties and cities and communities across the country to follow.  We learned from the candidates themselves that they enjoyed this format and that they had all learned quite a lot from each other.  In the end, it wasn’t about parties, it was about the issues and the people that these candidates wish to represent.

Sometimes people who step up to run for office do so with good intentions of serving their community, but things don’t always end up that way.  Because of special interest and lobbying, sometimes the good intentions of candidates get lost in a very short time. Sometimes those running locally for federal offices forget the people who voted to get them elected in the first place.

The bottom line is we sometimes vote without really knowing who we are voting for.  We remember a name, or we vote along party lines, when in fact, we might not understand where a candidate stands on an issue and find ourselves disappointed because we voted for a party and not the actual candidate.  Many of the Republican’s in the district where this video took place are disappointed in the candidate they voted for Congress in the past few elections because this particular candidate crossed party lines on solely Republican issues (this Congressman was invited to the forum because he’s running again in 2020 but he did not answer or acknowledge the invitation –we took that as a typical slight because it’s not actually his election year).

Perhaps we need to look at this forum as the first step in coming together as a nation to find out the true purpose of representation.  After viewing this video, we feel that our local citizens might indeed cross party lines and vote for candidates who are running to represent them in a knowledgeable and Constitutional manner concerning the issues that need to be dealt with.

We believe that Up-Close-And-Personal is the way to go and that it’s time to come together to find out who we are voting for. In a day and age with the #walkaway movement getting such traction across this nation, perhaps it’s time for us to walkaway in order to come together for the good of our communities.

Please watch this video through to the end and see the difference it makes to the candidates themselves.



Treasure Coast Republican Liberty Caucus




Gigi Bowman






Jordan Kahle

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