About Gigi Bowman

  • Business Manager for UncoverDC.Com
  • Past President Liberty Candidates
  • Past President Save Long Island
  • Past Organizer Nassau/Suffolk Ron Paul 2008/2012 Meet-up
  • Past NY State Senate Candidate
  • Past NY State Vice Chair, Libertarian Party
  • Executive Committee of the Suffolk County Libertarian Party
  • Author “How To Run For Office On A Liberty Platform”
  • Libertarian Activist
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Director of Huntington Chapter of Long Island Board of Realtors
  • Member of LOLA – Ladies of Liberty Alliance
  • Member of Oath Keepers of Long Island
  • Event Organizer: Libertyfest NYC, Save Long Island forum, Ron Paul March on Washington, Boots on the Ground, New Hampshire, Paul Festival
  • Libertarian Speaker
  • Bloggist

9 thoughts on “About Gigi Bowman

  1. I stand with you against the ny unsafe act, as a law abiding gun owner it burdens me and does absolutley nothing to keep anyone safe, i will not comply i will fight, anything i can do to help please let me know!

  2. Hi Gigi,
    I follow you on Twitter and realized the other day we live in the same city. Just read your blog & would like to speak with you about purchasing gold. How can I get in touch with you?
    Laura from PSL


    Ms. Bowman:

    Texas libertarians are having lots of success rolling back the state with charter amendments in home rule cities..

    Forbes magazine had a short summary of the strategy last year.

    Ballot initiatives are a powerful technique to change local policy, and lets a team of five or six activists using petitions on clipboards to get a taste of victory by focusing on small cites where progress can be had with only a few days of block-walking.

    Simultaneously petition organizers and spokespersons get a lot of media coverage that can help launch a campaign for public office.

    Major metro areas have dozens of small cities and the people doing petitioning do not need to be residents of the cities. If you respond I will send three attachments that explain how the tactic can advance the liberty movement. Since small city petition drives are quickly completed multiple victories every year can become routine. In a short time the zeitgeist will be reflecting the many changes in the governance landscape, leading to changes to State and federal policies too (I like to think).

    This is a link to LOCAL BALLOT INITIATIVES, the 30 page booklet that explains the city initiative process reflecting research that looked at all 50 states. The primer can be downloaded from the website of the Lucy Burns Institute which is based in based in Wisconsin. The founders have connections to the libertarian movement.
    http://www.lucyburns.org/press-releases/lucy-burns-institute-releases-citizens-guide-to-local-ballot-initiatives/ Note pages 11 and 12.

    That website is also the home of Ballotpedia which has information on the rules for all 50 states. Nationally there are 5,400 home rule cities with charters … lots of opportunity for freedom lovers to make a difference quickly … wearing their new hats as Citizen Lawmakers. This also means the national conversation about government’s role will be launched.

    To list examples of election triumphs, over the years this tactic has …

    — protected three cities from city-wide zoning
    — imposed fiscal discipline on two cities
    — removed fluoride from a city water supply
    — removed red light cameras from two cities
    — established term limits in a major U.S. city
    — stopped two urban rail projects with a total savings of $1.2 billion

    I hav a list of 50 different policies that one can put in place with charter amendments.

    Barry Klein
    Pres./ Houston Property Rights Association

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