The first day of the rest of our lives…. living free?

Ok….so Kenny retired, we moved from New York to Florida and bought the perfect little house on the water with a pool…..and yet we still have to keep working because he’s too young to touch his own money without giving the government their cut.  And you wonder why I hate the government?  Knowing full well they line their pockets with our tax $ so they can use it to make more for their pockets and killing women and children in far off lands so the war profiteers can become billionaires….. I could go on and on but really I just want to live my life so I’ll stop here.

So we’re doing this.  We’re selling the house and making a decision on which way to go –Class A motor home or Fifth-wheel.

This is the beginning of the blog of my life on the road (for now, until Kenny is old enough to touch his own money without having to give SO MUCH OF IT TO THE GOVERNMENT).

So stay tuned.   And anyway… I’ll be able to get on the road and visit all of you, my friends in Liberty.  We’re excited.  I’m scared.  I have to give up all my earthly possessions and this is making me cry but I’ll be ok.  I will.  It’s just a new way of life…but life is short and really, this is going to be the adventure of our lives.

The journey begins now….

Decisions decisions…..

Class A or Fifth-Wheel?  Give us your opinions and suggestions.