The first day of the rest of our lives…. living free?

Ok….so Kenny retired, we moved from New York to Florida and bought the perfect little house on the water with a pool…..and yet we still have to keep working because he’s too young to touch his own money without giving the government their cut.  And you wonder why I hate the government?  Knowing full well they line their pockets with our tax $ so they can use it to make more for their pockets and killing women and children in far off lands so the war profiteers can become billionaires….. I could go on and on but really I just want to live my life so I’ll stop here.

So we’re doing this.  We’re selling the house and making a decision on which way to go –Class A motor home or Fifth-wheel.

This is the beginning of the blog of my life on the road (for now, until Kenny is old enough to touch his own money without having to give SO MUCH OF IT TO THE GOVERNMENT).

So stay tuned.   And anyway… I’ll be able to get on the road and visit all of you, my friends in Liberty.  We’re excited.  I’m scared.  I have to give up all my earthly possessions and this is making me cry but I’ll be ok.  I will.  It’s just a new way of life…but life is short and really, this is going to be the adventure of our lives.

The journey begins now….

Decisions decisions…..

Class A or Fifth-Wheel?  Give us your opinions and suggestions.

15 thoughts on “The first day of the rest of our lives…. living free?

  1. REALLY? Im so excited and scared for you! (and envious) I think its a great idea….you may have just convinced me to not get that condo in Florida!

    • Yeah, This is definitely scary –scariest part is parting with all my things….but who knows, maybe my life will be filled with different things 🙂 Hey, now I can visit you in PA with my big rig!!!

  2. Wow, you are a brave woman! I would hate living in that small of a space. But more power to you guys! I have a question though, if you have to keep working, how will you do so while traveling?

    • We won’t have to work on the road. We are selling the house and what we’re buying won’t cost nearly as much so we’ll have a next egg instead of being house poor. Kenny gets retirement benefits we can actually live off of on the road. Yeah, the hardest part for me is going to be giving up so many of my “things” –but I’m still going to have time for cooking, organic gardening on the road (you’ll have to ask me about that lol) and ebay and etsy selling as a living!

      • Organic gardening on the road? You gonna build a roof garden. Lol

        You don’t have to get rid of all your stuff. You can put important stuff in a small storage unit. One day you may return to conventional living. Maybe not. You wi at least have time to test the new life style.

        Also, I like the idea of class a n towing a small fuel efficient vehicle. You can park a class a on any street w legal parking. Dumping a 5th wheel may cause more issues. Just a thought.

      • Yes, Organic Gardening on the road –stay tuned for that. I am soon becoming one of the only distributors for a aquaponic portable organic garden. We plan on getting a small storage unit (look they can be expensive and it’s all just stuff –we’re going to be living in a beautiful house on wheels and we’ll have more than enough stuff to live with. Life is short!). We do not want a Class A. The minute you drive away from the dealership you’ve lost half your money and if the vehicle breaks down your home breaks down. With a fifth wheel it’s all about the truck and if after time your truck gets old and breaks down –you get a new truck, not a new home. The home, if taken care of will keep it’s value much longer AND they are half the price for much more room and more amenities.

  3. Gigi Bowman – not sure why I’m getting your FB posts. I definitely have enjoyed them! My husband and I were just at the RV/boat show here in Louisville, Ky. We favor a 5th wheel because we feel we would get more bang for the buck. We’ve been mulling this over for a while but I think our time has passed us by for health reasons (husband). My husband still works at 73 because he wants to have some income when the SHTF. Good luck with your decision and your travels. If you are passing through Louisville, look us up.
    Kay Goldberg

    • I will look you up Kay! Perhaps you are friends of my good friends Sally O’Boyle or Ginny Saville from Kentucky. I will certainly make time to visit my gals over there in the bluegrass state and I will ring you up! Maybe our time shouldn’t pass us by and we should just “do it”! I think that’s why Kenny wants to do this now….there is no time like the present! Nice to meet you Kay 🙂

      • Hi Gigi. I sort of know Sally from a previous primary campaign for Governorv (2011). I know of Ginny but have never met her. You have my email so if you are near/in Louisville let me know. Us liberty folk need to stick together!! So excited for your adventure.

  4. Oh Gigi,

    Have you sold the house yet? That house looks like something I would be happy with forever. I would suggest before you do to rent a Class A or Fifth Wheel and travel around for a month or two just to make sure it is something you want to do.

    However, if you do decide to go on this adventure please stop by Oklahoma City. We have a bunch of Liberty Lovers/Ron Paulers still around and gather once a month if nothing more than to shake our heads.


    Toni Samanie(405) 821-8532

  5. I don’t know which of those options is better, having never used either, but if Long Island is one of your stops, be sure to stop in at the Merz mini homestead. 🙂

  6. Hi Gigi: So glad to reconnect with my kindred spirit and liberty friend : -) Your journey I’m sure has a journal as you will be adding to the already rich chapters in your life! Please keep us in mind when you travel the Great Lakes in the summer and fall. We are right there making decisions on our next steps as far as locations to “retire” and how to retire in a few years “we hope.” …. You are an inspiration.

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