Liberty Candidates Pledge to ‘End the Fed’

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The following pledge was composed by Steve Susman, Liberty Candidate for Texas Congress 22nd District.  The signers are below the pledge:

Liberty Candidates Pledge

I, Steve Susman, as a Liberty Candidate, pledge upon election to Federal Office to do the utmost to destroy and dissolve the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve Bank. I pledge to not only support pending legislation as HR1207 and S604 but to oppose any “watering down” of said bills. Should these be struck down, I pledge to work with other Liberty Candidates to write and enact similar legislation to dissolve the Federal Reserve.
Dated April 10, 2010
Signed, Steve Susman

Signers: [2010]

Anthony Tolda – Congress, New York 2nd District
Barry Hess – Governor, Arizona
Brandon Brooks – Delegate, Maryland 11th District
Brian Miller – Congress, Arizona 8th District
Carlos Rodriguez – Congress, California 28th District
Chelene Nightingale – Governor, California
Chris Cantwell – Congress, New York 1st District
Collins Bailey – Congress, Maryland 5th District
Darren Brinksneader – Congress, Kentucky 3rd District
David Smith – Congress, Texas 2nd District
Delia Lopez – Congress, Oregon 3rd District
Doug Walters – State Representative, Pennsylvania 93rd District
Edward Klapproth – Congress, Nevada 1st District
Floyd Bayne, Congress, Virginia 7th District
Gino DiSimone, Governor, Nevada
Greg Fischer, State Senate, New York 1st District
Jake Towne – Congress, Pennsylvania 15th District
John Annarumma – Congress, Florida 6th District
John Wayne Smith – Governor, Florida
Joseph Martellaro – US Senate, Missouri
Kurtis Liston – State House, Ohio 44th District
Logan Bell – Congress, New York 24th District
Marc Delphone – US Senate, Oregon
Marcus Rivchin – State House, Florida 117 District
Mary Ruth Edwards – Congress, Washington 4th District
Michael Benoit – Congress, California 52th District
Michael Frisbee – Congress, Georgia 13th District
Michael Gular – State House, Arizona District 16
Michael Labno – US Senate, Illinois
Mike Beitler – US Senate, North Carolina
Mike Simmons – US Senate, Missouri
Nathan Eaton – State House, Missouri 48th District
Nick Landeros – State House, Montana 64th District
Pat Sellers – Congress, Nevada 6th District
Randy Stufflebeam – US senate, Illinois
Sam Brannon – Congress, Texas 25th District
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8 thoughts on “Liberty Candidates Pledge to ‘End the Fed’

  1. It’s past time for this. JFK signed Executive Order for this, #11110, and some say this is what got him assassinated. J. Edgar Hoover said, on his deathbed, “If the American People knew the truth about the Kennedy Assassination, they’d take up arms against the government.”

    These “Red Shield” (Rothschild) criminals need to go back to Europe where they came from.

    • Some say.. I’d have to say, that as the evidence stands, and how the fed was temporarily shut down, and ultimately restarted without hardly a hitch, that he was definitely assassinated by the european banking families for taking the control of wealth out of their hands. Had he had his way, the U.S. Dollar, which is nothing more than expensive toilet paper, would be worth far more than it is. As it is, it makes better fire starter than it does promissory notes. Promise to pay what? With what?

    • Because it is majority conservative, Republican-type thing. The demoncraps and other liberals like it as it is, especially the thieves in CONgress and the Black House. Soros is part and parcel of the FED network, by association. (Remember him?)

    • @Karen Roberts,
      I’m not sure what you mean by “why does this appear to be a republican thing for Ron Paul?”

      Ron Paul shares your excellent view…that the FED is a horrible organization and should not exist. He of course recently wrote the book, “End the FED”.

      Note: Paul left the GOP to run for President in 1988. He was disgusted with what became the Reagan years…broken promises, debt, overseas intervention, etc. He quickly realized back then that the debate process/access is controlled by the two large parties, as is ballot access. Running for office as a third party guy is next to impossible because you spend all your resources simply getting in the debates and on the ballots. Hence Ron Paul is a member of the GOP, but shares little in common with today’s GOP.

      Please don’t hold Ron Paul’s affiliation with the GOP against him. Look at what he says, how he’s voted and why, and the substance of his arguments.

      Again, disdain for the Federal Reserve is very fertile common ground. Bravo.

  2. Dear friends,

    I have a whistleblower lawsuit filed in the Kansas City District Court against the Federal Reserve alleging embezzlement of money from the auction accounts of deficit spending. Those accounts are handled exclusively by the Federal Reserve bank of New York. They have never been audited or reported to Congress as required by law.

    The method by which the Fed has hidden the money that lawfully belongs to the government for 100 years is posted at The securities for deficit spending are received by the Fed and auctioned, with the funds being received and handled exclusively by the FRBNY. There has been no other alternative found but that they must be transferred out of sight to the owners of the BOG. The funds are commingled to the owners with funds for redeeming mature securities by the Primary Dealers. If the deficit spending funds went to the government, it would negate any increase in the national debt and would not result in inflation.

    Profit of the Fed lawfully belongs to the government.

    The court is threatening to dismiss the suit because a lawyer is not retained. Despite numerous inquiries for assistance, only rejections have been received. Do you have any contact with a lawyer that would want to be involved?

    James Carter
    33905 E. SR Two
    Harrisonville, Missouri 64701

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