Anyone Can Be A Great Cook With A Good Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot

If you’re just getting married you might want to forego the crystal glasses that you may never use or the fine china service for 8 and opt for a good cast iron dutch oven pot.   A really good one can cost you around $250 or more.  I managed to find a great one at Marshall’s for $65 and I’ve been a great cook ever since 🙂  All it takes is good clean food, spices, and a little bit of love  –throw it all in the pot, turn the oven on, cover it and BAM!  Magic.  In my world it’s organic magic and no matter how much magic we eat we are losing weight at the Bowman’s ever since cutting out GMO’s and pesticides from our menu.  That’s right –we’ve got real butter, whole fat raw milk, cream, sour cream, raw cheese, soy free eggs and organic pasta as well as grass fed beef, organic pork and poultry and lamb day in and day out…. Kenny lost 25 lbs and I lost 18 lbs by eating good healthy whole food. <—NO DIETING!

Now for the pot…..mine is red and 7 quarts and I call this recipe below Kitchen Sink Pot Roast….. (in other words whatever you find in your fridge throw in the pot)


1 Grass fed Beef Roast  –You choose the kind –you can get your grass fed meat from a variety of places. I recommend  Reasonable, free shipping except for a $7.50 handling charge and you have to buy at least 7 lbs of food –not a hard thing to do, believe me. They deliver it safely in two days.  Amazing –the beef sausage is to die for.

Yukon Gold Potatoes, organic, with skin, quartered –I used about 6 small

2 large carrots, organic, with skin, sliced

1 small box mushrooms, organic, whole

1 beet, organic, peeled, cubed

1 Turnip, large, organic, peeled, cubed

Beef Broth, Organic, enough to cover everything

Red Wine –this wasn’t organic but I really need to go get some — use enough to satisfy you. Also, pour a glass for yourself 🙂

Kale, fresh, a handful

Garlic, organic

Shallots, organic

Lemon Juice, organic apple cider vinegar, Salt & Pepper < –these were my choices for flavor –you can add what you like.
No one should follow recipes to a t –it’s stressful and nothing is ever perfect. Remember, most recipes are someone else’s opinion.  Add your own stuff!  Make it your own!

Brown the meat on all sides in some olive oil with sauteed garlic, shallots and s&p.  There was no grease to throw out because there never is with grass fed beef.  Take out browned beef and set aside.  Add broth and wine and heat on low until you get all the brown bits of the meat off the bottom and sides of pot and  you also have some of that garlic and shallots floating around in it too.  Add all of the ingredients, whatever spices you desire and place the meat on top.  Cover and let simmer on stove for about 2 or 3 hours while your watching TV or yapping on Facebook. I might have stirred it once during that time.

When you are ready, take the cover off.  HOLY COW!  Did you cook that? It smells like heaven, the meat falls apart with your fork and all those beautiful juices blended together are completely organic and nutritious. I let it simmer on the stove for like 15 minutes more with no cover to naturally thicken the juices. I think it’s best to serve over rice so you don’t waste a drop of that yumminess and the rice sops up all the juices –I made black rice which is creamy, yummy and nutritious.  Some sourdough bread (sourdough bread is fermented and if you’re going to eat bread –this is probably the best kind) and raw butter –which I never refrigerate. I’m not dead yet lol

Kitchen Sink Pot Roast


Black Rice


YOU are a great cook!  Hurry, go and get a good dutch oven pot 🙂 –ahem, Valentines Day is the next holiday on the hit parade –who needs jewelry when you can have this!!



Gigi Bowman, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Clean Food


4 thoughts on “Anyone Can Be A Great Cook With A Good Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot

  1. A Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot works great over a Huntington Militia camp fire too. We think our cooks are fabulous.
    Who is that skinny woman with your face at the bottom of this article?

  2. Gigi, Where do you get the raw milk? The closest farm to Syracuse is Cazenovia and right now they are not taking any new customers due to the high demand for their grass-fed raw milk. I agree with you wholeheartedly and follow the same traditional meal plan. Thanks and I’ll have to check out the cast iron dutch oven to go with my cast iron pan.

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