Buying 1 Gram At A Time Is The Only Way I Can Afford to Do It…………. Buying Gold



Sure, it was easy buying silver. I went to Porcfest and everyone was exchanging in silver. There were early-day quarters and dimes with pictures of past presidents being exchanged for bacon and there were beautiful minted silver circles being sold at long tables with Ron Paul’s face on them or pretty floral pictures of marijuana. Knowing that I might be buying something that could be used in exchange for bacon should the dollar crash….well; let’s just say I was hooked.

But GOLD?  No way —I could not possibly afford to buy an ounce of Gold –not when it was at its highest or even its lowest.  Hey, I live on Long Island –in case you haven’t heard it’s the most expensive place to live in the country.  Buying gold was not even comprehensible….  and then, one day, my friend, Kristen Megan, gave me a gift and it was a Karatbar.  I looked at it and it made no sense to me –what the hell is this?  Upon further inspection I saw a little 24 Karat bar inside this credit card look-a-like and the first thing I wanted to do, being a girl, was rip it out of the card and put it on a chain and make a necklace out of it!  Girls will be girls 🙂

But then I started reading about it and the next thing I knew I started to understand that this was my only way of buying gold affordably as well as not have to worry about how to store it –I mean, us women are pretty good with cards after all.  We have our DSW card and our Hallmark Gold Crown card and our Macy’s and our Starbucks card too. When it comes to cards and storing them I’m an expert. So once again, I was hooked.  I also realized that I could now buy gold for gifts because they make these nifty little cards for birthdays and holidays and what’s a better gift than Gold? How many Home Goods cards does one have to receive at a wedding shower?  B-O-R-I-N-G –I’m going to give the gift of GOLD!!


The prices are not stable but what I buy today might be worth triple tomorrow (or it can go the other way as well) but as I see it, it’s win/win because if the price of gold goes down that low –I’m going to have necklaces and charm bracelets that have little gold bullions hanging from them at an affordable price 🙂  –a hell of a lot cheaper than I would pay at the jewelry store lol

So now I’m not only buying but I’m also selling —Need Gold? Because it’s affordable –and maybe one day I’ll actually own an entire ounce.  One gram at a time 🙂

Gigi Bowman, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food


5 thoughts on “Buying 1 Gram At A Time Is The Only Way I Can Afford to Do It…………. Buying Gold

  1. Also, if you’re a good shopper, eBay has some excellent deals. The Turkish refinery IGR sells some perfectly fine bars too.

    Another great choice I can’t recommend highly enough are the 19th-early 20th century fractional gold coins. Thanks to the Latin Monetary Union, the 20 franc coins have exactly the same AGW of .1867 ozt. at .900 fine. The most popular are the 20 franc Swiss Helvetia and the French Angel and Rooster. Gainesville coins sometimes has them in stock at very low premiums, and you can get them at near spot/melt value on eBay. As a nice bonus, most are uncirculated or barely circulated since they’ve been sitting in bank vaults most of the time…plus they’re all gorgeous designs. I think the 10% copper they’re alloyed with makes for a prettier (more orange) look to the gold!

  2. PS- I use Coinflation all the time for 90% silver and 35% silver war nickel values, and their page of gold coin values tells you at a glance what the melt value of these foreign gold coins is as well as gram prices, along with circulated gold US coin values. I usually avoid the US issues since the numismatists tend to drive the selling price well above melt value. Stick to those 20 franc gold European coins and yo’ll do well, I’d say.

  3. Awesome Gigi, Can’t wait to get some from you~! I heard Gary F. on the “Power Hour” about a week ago. I liked the idea, now that you are on board, I love the idea. I can not wait to get a few. I give silver dollars for gifts, now it will be gold, how cool is that~! I will email you.

  4. Hi Gigi, Have to agree with @Jay. I also bought a few karatbars and bought into the whole mlm concept but actually felt uncomfortable asking people to buy by the gram in euros. They end up costing close to $50 /gram. But I suppose if you get enough people involved… Hey who knows. Gary F and G. Edward are trying to hawk it as well. Just as easy to buy from jmbullion, apmex, republic to name a few. Good luck.

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