Bye Bye Bye Libertarian Party

Gary Johnson sucks as the spokesperson for the Libertarian Party. ANYONE –even Tony the Tiger off the Cereal Box– could have gotten as much press as Johnson/Weld is getting because people are looking for alternatives from Hillary and Trump… selling the soul of the Libertarian party was a waste of time.
The left controlled media would have given time to ANY Libertarian candidate this year and pushed them in the limelight in hopes of taking votes away from Trump (meanwhile Gary is out there making excuses for Hillary hoping to cash in on Bernie voters –appease appease appease). The Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol and Jeb Bush and John Kasich would have given credibility to ANY Libertarian candidate and given them press where and when they could just because they didn’t want Trump… oh, and the William Weld thing?  That was an inside job for sure….just ask Bill Kristol who he’s voting for.
But I imagine ANYONE who ran would be doing a better job getting the message out in a more refined way. And I can only imagine how great it would have been had we had anyone but Gary.  Austin Petersen and Larry Sharpe would most likely have been a wow team getting as much if not more POSITIVE press with many more Libertarians behind them rather than this divided party we see today with facebook pages like “Gary Johnson is a Neocon Shill Who Sold Out the Party” or “Libertarians against Gary Johnson and William Weld”.   Had we given the nomination to John McAfee I’m sure we would not only had mega-press but most likely a whole new crew of Libertarians from the world of gamers and nerds!  We might have had Libertarian Pokemon!
In this volatile year having Gary Johnson as the Presidential Candidate was the biggest mistake ever. The stupidity of this choice in a time when the Libertarian Party could have prevailed in spreading its message AND WON rather than just trying to win by diluting the message was the biggest mistake the Libertarian Party has ever made.
What a waste of time. Energy. Money. Hard work. Effort on the part of the people who have tried to make this party grow based on the message of Liberty. Now it’s a joke. Now it’s the third evil choice.



Unlike many other people I know in the Liberty movement, I believe in voting. I believe that my voice is important and I have this one little vote to back it up.  Whether it’s actually counted or not I have no control over –though I have gone out of my way to make sure that it does by going out and collecting signatures for candidates when needed, by being a poll inspector and by being a poll watcher at different times in my life.  I’ve run for office. I’ve gone down to the BOE and counted votes. I’ve gone down the the Board of Elections and yelled. I’ve tried to walk the walk where I could.

In the last day though something has changed for me. I believe once again in the voting system. I believe that when ENOUGH people go out there and vote –whether it’s because they actually give a damn or because they are mad –either way, when ENOUGH people do it… may actually work?  I believe that happened with Donald Trump.  They tried to stop him but for whatever reason –whether it was what he was saying or the past 8 years of Obama or the fear of Hillary, he apparently brought about one of the highest voter counts in history and by a landslide, Trump won the nomination.  I’m shocked.  I said I would eat a hat if he got the nomination because I did not believe he would. I did not believe they would “let him have it”…..but with the highest voter turnout in history for a Republican Primary, Trump beat all odds to win the nomination.  He did it.  And I believe it happened because of the sheer number of voters. How can you steal that many unless you want to see some really angry voters!   How this will play out between the Democrats and Republicans in the elections in November is another story.  The Hillary camp are old school thieve masters and I don’t trust that this election will be fair.  In fact, I’m kind of scared it could turn into a civil war with all the divisiveness we have seen from the press it could only get worse I’m sure.

But anyway…..I’m going to be voting in this election and I’m going to be voting for Donald Trump.  Why?  Well, rather than give a grand statement I’m going to leave you with this speech from last night…..

Anyone who can bring up a child to be this smart, passionate, eloquent, down to earth, respectful and loving…..  can’t be all that bad.  And I can’t vote for a Libertarian Candidate with actual Libertarian values so this is my best choice.  Trump is a wild card and a gamble but I’d rather take my chances.

17 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bye Libertarian Party

  1. What is your dislike of Gary based on? Is he actually a sell out? A Neocon wearing a libertarian badge? Examples? Specifics?
    As for this speech, he basically just promised martial law in the US. As a libertarian I would think you would find that distasteful. “We are still one country and we are going to get it all back.” He just reaffirmed “the indivisible” phrase from the pledge of allegiance. the pledge written by a socialist with the goal of transferring citizens loyalty from the constitution to the executive branch. If Donald is going to muscle through the impossible task of holding one nation together that lacks a common value system, a common heritage, a common vision – it will be through force…aka martial law. He will be tough. He will do the impossible. Heil Donald. Not a single mention of the constitution…

    • Gary Johnson picked a man as a running mate who was Chairman of the North American Union Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations. He just came out and said that Hillary did nothing wrong. He’s the worst debater in history. Doesn’t think we should audit the fed. Shall I continue? He’s let the NWO in the front door of the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party sold their soul the 2nd time now (the first time was Barr/Root –but this is MUCH MUCH WORSE). As I’ve said, I’ll give my vote to Donald Trump. I’d rather take the gamble. At least Donald Trump had the balls to talk about the 28 redacted pages….Johnson has never even mentioned them. Probably doesn’t even know what that means…..he’s so high most of the time.

      • Thanks for the specifics, I do appreciate it. I expect no help from the district of criminals so I am not really following real closely these days.

      • Incorrect. Johnson has stated REPEATEDLY that he supports auditing the Fed. The only thing tempering his statement is acknowledging that doing so would likely cause worldwide panic, but it doesn’t diminish his support.

      • Ron Paul wouldn’t get anywhere. His obstinance about libertarianism dooms him with 95% of voters. Johnson gets it. He is a pragmatic libertarian which is just what we need.

  2. Cya! Based on all the groundless hyperboleyou’re using, Trump sounds like the right pick for you. So what if he’s a fascist who couldn’t give a crap about liberty? Johnson grumble grumble grumble!

  3. You should probably be honest and the reason you should tear up your Libertarian card has less to do with Gary Johnson and more to do with you being an authoritarian Trump supporter.

  4. You are basing your decision on a single speech made by his son? One that he likely did not write? I know many wealthy people who are selfish, arrogant, crass, misogynistic jerks that I would not let babysit for me let alone raise a child. However, these same people are very good at picking wives who possess qualities I admire and even better at picking Nannys and Schools that instill wonderful values into children.

    OK this may sound weird, however, both of my children are wonderful human beings. Loving, Caring, compassionate. I instilled in them all the values that are important to me and they have both made good choices in their lives. You would probably really like my children and you might think, hey if a man (my ex-husband) can raise a child like that, then why not vote for him. My ex-husband was a good father, however he would make a lousy politician. Well maybe he would make a good senator because he has the ability to lecture someone on a trivial point for hours and hours without pause.

    Voting for Trump because you like his son is one of the oddest reasons I have heard. Barack Obama’s children are very sweet young girls. Well mannered, bright, compassionate, etc. yet you would not have voted for him. George Bush Jr. Had the worst 2 young women I have ever seen in the white house. They would party all night, get wasted and the Secret Service had to make sure they got home safe. Some of the pictures of them were pretty horrid. Yet people voted for Bush, twice!

  5. Wow people. Insulting the blog writer for exercising her right of free speech? Chastising someone because their vote is their choice? How Libertarian of you…. What scares me is how many people dismiss the FACT that William Weld and Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi even considered a North American Union. That should be repugnant to anyone. As for my two cents, I’m sorry, I find NONE of the candidates worthy of a vote. I’ll just go back and work on building in my community.

    • “Wow people. Insulting the blog writer for exercising her right of free speech? Chastising someone because their vote is their choice? How Libertarian of you…. ”

      I think what you’re referring to is actually called “responding”. It’s what comments sections are meant for. It’s also considered exercising one’s right to free speech, and it is in fact very libertarian. (Unlike voting for Trump.) As far as “chastising someone because their vote is their choice” goes, we may be reading different web pages. Because I don’t see anyone doing that. It doesn’t even make sense.

  6. If Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian in 2016,he would have got the nomination and would probably already be polling at 15-20% in general election polls.He would have actually had a chance at winning the Presidency.Oh well… In a recent Libertarian Town Hall on CNN,Gary Johnson and his running mate BIll Weld both praised Hillary.Gary Johnson described Hillary as a “wonderful public servant” while Bill Weld said that he has a “real bond,lifelong” with Hillary and that she was an “old friend”.Anyone who saw “The Clinton Chronicles” might understand why this is so disturbing.Link:
    It gets weirder than that.Roger Stone,a former Trump adviser,who wrote a book on the Clinton’s corruption was also campaign manager for Gary Johnson in 2012 but Stone is now supporting Trump.Yes,sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.I am not sure on who you can believe anymore.

    If the Libertarian Party was serious about having any chance of winning a Presidential election,they really should have been running a campaign to promote principles many years ago,as it very obviously would require winning over a lot of people to have any real chance of winning an election.
    They could just focus on posting online videos that really got across the message of liberty,non-aggression,the golden rule,non-interventionist foreign policy,sound money,lower taxes,ending the drug war, etc.All it takes is one well made video that communicates and promotes these principles.These videos might go viral on facebook,twitter etc..They could be winning many people over to principles we share and that is I think a great thing no matter the outcome of the next election.

    I think a lot of people would consider voting Libertarian if the party showed a real effort and motive to win and to unite people behind principles that many people already support.If they made a simple,short video that could unite people behind these principles and have it go viral on facebook/twitter/youtube,the Libertarian party would get a lot more support.

    However,I think it is important to note that most Americans are NOT going to support open borders with unlimited/unchecked immigration.This issue will be a deal breaker and would prevent many from voting Libertarian,no matter how one tries to spin it or justify it.
    They can win and gain significant support ONLY if they focus on winning over hearts and minds,which they obviously have NOT done yet.Ron Paul has been a big inspiration to me and I am very grateful for that,but in his campaigns for President,I don’t believe he was running to win.I would love to see someone with principles like Ron Paul run who is actually running to win.

    I think it is important to note that there are many people (myself included) who do not subscribe totally to any political label and just look at each issue on its own.Here are my thoughts on a few issues that when presented together may not fit into one political label.
    The corrupt politicians(actors) of both parties support our ridiculous tax code.You will often hear politicians claim to be for “the working families” but they are simply full of baloney.Many will pander to the working poor and middle class but once they are elected will do absolutely nothing to make a simple,fair tax code.

    When you hear a politician claim to advocate ‘rich people paying their fair share”,don’t believe them because their actions speak louder than their words.Once elected,they will do nothing to eliminate the ridiculous amounts of tax loopholes and will do nothing to provide a simple, fair tax code.Any politician can get votes by running on the platform that says,”vote for me and I’ll raise taxes on other people and give you more free stuff”,but eventually they will run out of other people’s money.It seems that Congress and our Presidents,both former and current,refuse to cut spending as our national debt soars higher.They act as if the national debt does not matter,no matter how high.If the debt does not matter(I think it does),then why do we even have to pay a personal income tax?

    The corrupted politicians(actors) of both parties claim we need troops in foreign lands to “protect us from the terrorists”,yet they refuse to secure our own borders.Does this make any sense to you?How can you protect your country from attack when you won’t even secure your own borders(land/air/sea)?It should not be the responsibility of U.S. troops to police and nation build other sovereign nations.How about bringing our troops home and securing our own borders?I believe we can have both legal immigration AND secure borders.

    Both Democrats and Republicans refuse to end the war on drugs,which causes more crime,murder,incarcerations and enrichment of criminals while millions of people continue to use illegal drugs anyway.The current U.S. policy does not work and never will.
    The solution would be to legalize the SALE of drugs and leave it to the states,cities and businesses to decide whether to ban the USE of drugs and test people for drug use on a monthly basis or not to test them at all.If you agree with our current policy,let me explain why it does not work.If you really wanted to prevent people from doing drugs,YOU WOULD HAVE TO TEST EVERYONE FOR DRUGS.DO NOT BE DISTRACTED FROM THIS FACT.This means all employers would have to test employees for drugs.All states and cities would have to test people on welfare and unemployment.

    Look at sports for an example.Does having a rule banning steroids prevent athletes from using them?NO.They have to be tested.Of course,it should not be legal to become impaired and drive a motor vehicle.I think most of us agree on that.By legalizing the SALE of drugs you render the current criminals that sell them powerless.Then you let the states/cities/employers deal with the USE of drugs and we debate the civil liberties issue of whether to test everyone for drugs or let people put whatever substance they want into their body as long as they don’t hurt someone else.Those are your 2 choices if you really want to solve this problem.Unfortunately,I don’t believe the politicians(actors) of either party have any interest in solving this problem.If only the voters would stop voting for them or demand they solve this problem(very unlikely)..Why not just treat drugs the same way we treat alcohol?I say let the states and the people decide,just like the Constitution says.

    Some of those same politicians(actors) also claim “climate change” due to man-made pollution is threatening the very existence of life on earth.Regarding pollution,we can all help by voluntarily consuming less resources and driving less.I am certainly NOT a supporter of a “carbon tax” as I think it would just be a way for the powers that be to scam more money out of the average person.If the president and members of congress really believed that man-made pollution was threatening the very existence of life on earth,then why does he/they not plead with the public to voluntarily consume less resources and drive less?This would not require passing a law but would only require some basic speaking / writing skills.It seems politicians are only interested in doing things that involve taking money from others.Why?

    I believe the answer is because almost all politicians,whether Democrat or Republican,are just actors who are in politics to benefit themselves and their cronies,not to represent the best interests of the average person.I and many others want a person with a real motive and chance to win the Presidency who supports simple values like truth,liberty and peace and can resist the temptations of corruption.In the last election,I voted for the Libertarian candidate for president.I did not feel this was a “wasted vote” because I do not wish to support the foreign policy and drug policy of the Democrats and Republicans that cause the deaths of many people.This election,I am not so sure about who to vote for,because I can’t seem to trust any of these choices.

    I hope that one day we as people can have a civil discussion and unite behind basic shared principles such as.Golden Rule/Non-Aggression Principle/Liberty/ Truth/Voluntarily helping others,rather than political parties and demand our elected “representatives” do the same.Peace.

      • It is frustrating,Gigi.I feel there is still hope as long as the principles of truth,liberty,peace,non-aggression and goodwill towards others continue to be promoted and win over more hearts and minds,nationwide and worldwide.Have a good one.

  7. Can we afford either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Trump? Both will further bankrupt the country and take it many steps closer to an authoritarian oligarchy.

    No, Mr. Johnson is a fiscally-responsible, rational choice.

  8. And anyone who flip-flops as much as Mr. Trump – the expedient supporter of whoever and whatever is good for Mr. Trump – deserves a thinking person’s vote?

    Do we really want a loose cannon in charge of the U.S. nuclear arsenal? Making executive orders benefitting solely him or his cronies? Starting nuclear wars because he thinks we should use the nukes we have?

  9. Your opinion is your opinion, not mine at all. Just looking crazy like Mcaffee is libertine, not libertarian and shouldn’t be confused. Just because Johnson/Weld wouldn’t chant “taxation is theft” was no reason to be destructive in taking a big government guy like Trump. I wondered about the Libertarian movement getting highjacked by the GOP as a trojan horse. Followers will do almost anything to go along it appears.
    1 star.

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