The Challenge of Narrowing Down Your New Home on the Road

Of all the things to consider when taking it on the road, the one most important thing for me is being able to cook and eat right and not resort back to a poison, pre-packaged lifestyle, eating GMO’s or pesticide and herbicide infused food because I don’t have the facilities to prepare decent meals.  Therefore, to  me, that important part of this whole thing is the kitchen.   For Kenny, I’m not actually sure what the most important part of the home on wheels is to him other than the adventure itself,  but you can be sure it better have a roomy bathroom lol

So I’ve spent the last few days really researching what kind of home on the road will become my home and we’ve decided that we are most likely going to go for the fifth wheel over the Class A because there is more space and it’s more economical and the value won’t depreciate as much if we take care of it.  We just have to worry that the vehicle that pulls it is safe and economical and lasts as long as possible with miles on the road so we’re going to be getting a heavy duty 1 ton diesel vehicle to pull this thing.  The other factor is money.  We don’t want to spend more than 1/2 of the cost of our home on both the vehicle and the fifth wheel so now we ponder new or used after we figure out what we actually want.

Kenny checking out a Class A Motor Home this past week

Having just moved from New York to Florida, I had to downsize my wardrobe because there was no longer a need for wool and flannel in the warmer climate.  Now I will have to downsize yet again into a world with few nick-nacks and fewer clothes than I have now because there is something I won’t have on the road that I have a lot of here —closet space!

SO for me it’s all about a kitchen and a decent closet.  Kenny and I looked at a Class A Motor home the other day and both of these things left a LOT to be desired.  When I saw the size of the closet I would have to contend with on this motor home I almost fainted. When I saw the kid-sized stove it reminded me of a stove from a child’s playhouse.  ~Not having it~  Especially when I’m so in love with the beautiful kitchen in my beautiful little house that I’ll be leaving…..lets just say I was having sleepless moments of heartache.  So I came home and started web-researching our other choices and getting input from friends after my first blog-posting and I found out about fifth wheels and how much roomier they are and well, then I saw this….



and about that closet….

dont_copy (1)

and the bathroom….


Well, anyway, it’s not looking that heartbreaking after all.  I’ll let you in on what we decide and the road to get on the road as it all comes down…

So I’ll leave you until Friday when Kenny and I embark on our first RV show in Palm Springs.  Like I said, it all comes down to what we can afford in the end.  We’re doing this to live more free not to have more debt so we have to factor everything in.

So ladies……this isn’t looking to shabby now, is it?  I can do this!



Gigi Bowman, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food



The first day of the rest of our lives…. living free?

Ok….so Kenny retired, we moved from New York to Florida and bought the perfect little house on the water with a pool…..and yet we still have to keep working because he’s too young to touch his own money without giving the government their cut.  And you wonder why I hate the government?  Knowing full well they line their pockets with our tax $ so they can use it to make more for their pockets and killing women and children in far off lands so the war profiteers can become billionaires….. I could go on and on but really I just want to live my life so I’ll stop here.

So we’re doing this.  We’re selling the house and making a decision on which way to go –Class A motor home or Fifth-wheel.

This is the beginning of the blog of my life on the road (for now, until Kenny is old enough to touch his own money without having to give SO MUCH OF IT TO THE GOVERNMENT).

So stay tuned.   And anyway… I’ll be able to get on the road and visit all of you, my friends in Liberty.  We’re excited.  I’m scared.  I have to give up all my earthly possessions and this is making me cry but I’ll be ok.  I will.  It’s just a new way of life…but life is short and really, this is going to be the adventure of our lives.

The journey begins now….

Decisions decisions…..

Class A or Fifth-Wheel?  Give us your opinions and suggestions.

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maxresdefault (2)

Are Today’s Youth Any Worse Than YOU Were?

How many of you “old folks” (before the days of social networking) ever went to a party in your youth that got out of hand? You know the kind….where the parents went away on vacation and three high schools worth of kids showed up from telephone tag and word of mouth?

maxresdefault (2)

I know I went to about 3 of those…..everything in the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator down to the mustard and ketchup were eaten. People having sex in every room. Drugs being dispensed throughout.

I went to one where one of my girlfriend thought she’d have a little party and 200 people showed up including guys pulling up on the lawn on their motorcycles. We were only high school kids. I was 15. This was the 70’s.

Today the kids have the ability to tweet, facebook, yik yak, snap chat and God knows what else and mobs can be formed in seconds. These sorts of parties are now a constant.

The kids today are no different than the kids were in the past –they just have more technology to “get the job done”.

I hate that people forget what they were like as kids and put down the youth of today as if they are xtra-specially bad. In fact, I think they’re not as bad as the kids I knew growing up. Most of my friends if they had grown up today would probably be in jail for all the shenanigans they did as kids.

I watched that video yesterday of the police officer and the kids and none of those kids was doing anything that deserved that sort of treatment. One was calling for her mama.



We paid for their cell phones. We gave them computers and the ability to want and need. We let them watch all that television and we showered them with everything life had to offer….. and now that they are here we want to call the police and blame them for being bad and wrong and rotten to the core and take none of the responsibility ourselves.

Let me tell you….the kids of today are more accommodating to one another. They are less racist and more empathetic. They have more empathy and they are more patient with one another.

There will ALWAYS be bad seeds…there will ALWAYS be those who are completely run a muck with ho sense of decency or conscience. I see this in adults too. As I always say, throw 16 kids on an island –some will lead, some will follow and some will kill.

What’s gotten worse?

The fact that packs can form in seconds because of technology.

The fact that we have put individuals in the spotlight in seconds by having websites where people can play out their greatest fantasy in celluloid in a minutia.

The fact that our government has gotten too big.

The fact that our police have become militarized.

The fact that we have a society that is completely distracted by reality tv to the point where it is the front page while on the back page where no one is paying attention we are being poisoned and enslaved by corporations in bed with our government and it seems as if there is no stopping this from happening…..

The kids of today have no future. They don’t have that same dream of being a homeowner or getting married and having a family or even a job. This has been stolen from them. I talk to kids in their twenties every day and many of them don’t even plan on having kids or even believe they will ever live on their own. Many teens have grown up way too fast and seen too much too early in life. Many have been drugged from the time they could walk and medication is a way of life. Many are the product of divorce or parent’s losing their homes and lives to bankers and market crashes.


Many are in debt and they haven’t even begun their lives yet….

It seems like doom and gloom all around. But it doesn’t have to be. Hold on to your family. Put restrictions on your kids. Teach them responsibility. Don’t give in to Big Pharma. Bring everything back home and closer to you. If you have young children and can afford to live less lavishly, home school them. Feed them healthy whole foods and stay away from the poisons that the government/corporations are feeding us to keep them wealthy.

Begin again….. have empathy…. stop blaming everyone else…..

The Pillsbury Doughboy balloon floats in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Dear Generation Y…..The Pillsbury Dough Boy and I

The Pillsbury Doughboy balloon floats in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)
The Pillsbury Doughboy balloon floats in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade  in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)


I was born in 1959.  For the most part I grew up with all the “new and improved” in life.  The sixties and seventies were a time of ‘wonderful’ new inventions and conveniences so that people had more time for…  I’m not sure what the reason was but I grew up with the likes of the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Kool-Aid Kid.  Sweet N’Low and Twinkies.  I had no idea until now that making biscuits was as easy as spending 10 minutes putting together some flour, buttermilk and baking soda. I didn’t realize until 55 years later that I could make my life more convenient by living longer and eating right rather than spending time going to the doctor –as I watch my parents, generation Y, make a social life out of doctor visits.

Why was it so hard for this generation that bore me to get vegetables from a market rather than opening a can?  Why was a frozen TV dinner or pot pie turned into a nightly meal for most of my peers?  Why did we stop putting butter on our bread and opt instead for a ‘crown’?


Taystee Cakes, My-T-Fine Pudding, Shake ‘n Bake, Cheez Whiz, Spaghetti O’s…..  It took me until now to realize I could cook with real ingredients and whole food and make these same things from scratch in the same amount of time….. And I work, clean my house, paint furniture, fight the state, run for office, run organizations, food shop and play and watch TV and have time to write a blog too….     Was it worth all that ‘convenience’ to live on a daily regime of pills to keep you alive generation Y?

Now we not only have chemicals in our food but our entire food system is destroyed by a company that used the same ‘ingredients’ to kill the enemy in your war against the Vietnamese –the chosen enemy at the time to keep the military industrial complex alive and happy.   Somehow in return for ‘convenience’ your children grew up on toxic chemicals with tiny marshmallows until their own children –our children today– live in a world diagnosed with acronyms and are prescribed more chemicals to ensure they are customers for life to the heads of the state of Big Pharma.


What happened? When did a biscuit become thirty something chemicals with some salt on top? When did the Pillsbury Dough Boy become the biggest balloon at the parade to the smiling faces of a generation of chemically poisoned children?

Well I’m here to tell you that you can do it.  You can make biscuits.  You can make biscuits that require only a few ingredients and it will take you the same amount of time as it does to pop open a can and separate the little disgusting chemically induced dough pieces and slide them into the oven.



2 Cups of Flour

2 tsp of Baking Powder

1/2 tsp of Baking Soda

1 tsp of Salt

1 stick of Butter

3/4 cup of Buttermilk

Pre-heat Oven to 425 degrees.  Mix flour, baking powder, baking soda & salt.  Cut 6 tablespoons of cold butter into the flour mixture until it resembles coarse meal.  Stir in buttermilk.  Place dough by ice-cream scoop size lumps onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Brush with a little melted butter. Bake 10 – 15 minutes until tops are golden.

(I used all organic ingredients and added fresh herbs – sage, rosemary and thyme)

Yeah, that’s real hard to do……



The dough boy needs to die off because he’s killing us and our kids.  Foods of convenience –thank you for nothing generation Y.  Why did you forego real food for chemicals in a box?  Time for us to go back to basics.

Gigi Bowman, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food








Endorsement for Peter Nichols who is running Anti-Party –the kind of Party We Should All Be Supporting


I keep trying to step away from politics but it keeps sucking me back in when I least expect it.  I was having fun zombie-ing out and watching my reality TV shows and shoving bonbons down my mouth while getting my nails done when along comes this little article in the local Huntingtonian newspaper that knocks my socks off…..  Peter Nichols, who once ran for Huntington Town Council as a Libertarian, has decided to run for County Legislature in Suffolk’s 17th district…..and he’s running as a write-in candidate!

It’s not that there is no time to collect signatures or that he has no manpower behind him or that he doesn’t have enough donations –but, the most liberty minded libertarian I’ve ever met, has come to realize after doing it once before that going out there and using up all your time and energy and resources and the time and energy of your friends and family to collect signatures on a third party line is the most RIDICULOUS THING ANYONE COULD POSSIBLY DO!

The two party system on Long Island is filled with criminals in office with expendable lawyers and cash it seems (WAIT –is that expendable cash your taxpayer money?? Probably :)) and they go after anyone who runs third party by challenging their signatures.  Peter knows this.  I know this.   They took me to the 5th level supreme court to waste my time, energy and dollars by challenging my 5,191 signatures during the 2014 State Senatorial race for 5th district.  It’s what they do.  It’s the game they play.  The Republicans and Democrats tag team off of each other taking turns which third party candidates to go after.  In all my years in the Libertarian party it’s been one candidate after another –out there spending their summer collecting signatures AFTER the Republicans and Democrats have done so, I might add, so that they can spend the second part of their summer in court trying to prove they didn’t commit fraud!   It’s a vicious cycle and it’s not going to end as long as the people keep on voting for these scam artist.  Third parties don’t have the donations and income in order to market themselves like the BIG TWO –especially when whatever donations they bring in ends up getting spent on frivolous lawsuits. Many of the lawyers and judges in these cases can do this in their sleep.  It’s a ploy and a tactic to keep ordinary American citizens from joining the rat pack of American politics.

Peter is going to run as a write-in candidate and he’s not going to spend any time or money WASTING his time and money collecting any signatures.  Imagine if the people in the 17th legislative district woke up and took a stand and made a statement that could possibly domino into something grand and great like taking our country back??  Something so simple as walking into the polling place on election day and writing in a candidates name rather than voting party line.

How many more articles in Newsday do we have to be subjected to giving us the skinny on yet another NY legislature or party boss getting arrested for fraud? Haven’t we seen enough of this? Aren’t we tired of paying taxes to line the pockets of these criminals who seem to be making more laws and rules that tip in their favor?
Here’s what you get if you write in Peter Nichols’ name…..a man who truly believes in freedom, liberty and small government. A man who doesn’t want to create any more laws to control your life or to generate more income for the mob squad running our government now.  Take a stand on election day and stop voting for the reason’s we are the most expensive place to live in the country with the biggest criminals in office.  Write-in your vote.  Do the Write thing.

Gigi Bowman, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food