2012 Liberty Inspiration Award Sponsored by Libertycandidates.com

In honor of our 3rd Anniversary we are introducing the Liberty Inspiration Award.

“This is an award that will be given yearly to 5 people who showed positive effort and energy throughout the year in spreading the message of liberty. They did not have to run for office, but they did have to inspire others to step up, do something that helped to bring people together, or enlighten others by growing the liberty movement in some manner by taking on a leadership role of some sort or by creating a new platform for inspiration — whether it be media, news, music, or just speaking out in some way that may have brought about positive change.

Rules: Please email your nominations to hello@libertycandidates.com. Express why you think they should receive this award. Each person can choose up to 3 people. The comments will be listed with the winning names (anonymously if you wish; just tell me so). We will also list all Honorable Mentions and their letters as well.  This is not about winning –this is about honoring those who inspired you!

Please send all submissions to the email hello@libertycandidates.com; only these will be counted, not submissions listed on this event page or anywhere else.”  Also, I do not accept “form letters” that you write up and send to all your friends to nominate you so refrain from doing this. Each individually letter will be counted. Form letters will be counted once –so don’t bother!

The winners will be announced on January 1st 2013. Their names will be listed on the www.libertycandidates.com websites for a full year as “inspiring leaders of 2012. Submissions can be sent beginning 11/29/12 and will continue through December 30th 2012.

The award will go to the Top 5 vote-getters.


– Gigi Bowman & Sally O’Boyle

65 thoughts on “2012 Liberty Inspiration Award Sponsored by Libertycandidates.com

    • I’d like to nominate Adam Kokesh for his tireless efforts in educating people about self ownership and encouraging people to look at the bigger picture of this intellectual revolution. Through is podcast, his live show, and the many events he organizes and attends he has really struck a chord in a lot of people. He has brought together some of the best speakers, musicians, and activists. This movement just wouldn’t be the same without him.

    • For their efforts to educate, advocate, and inspire others to the great cause of liberty, I nominate:

      Congressman Ron Paul, MD (educator, author, liberty defender extraordinaire!)

      LewRockwell.com (all of the great writers!)

      Bradley Manning (revealing the truth at such great personal cost)

      NOTE: if we were not limited to 3, I would have to add– Gigi Bowman [Liberty Candidates]; Antonio Buehler [Peaceful Streets Project, Austin, TX]; Justin Amash [for placing his oath of office above Boehner’s wishes]; mises.org; Jacon Hornberger [fff.org]; each and every Liberty Candidate; Glenn Greenwald [journalist], Justin Raimondo [AntiWar.com]; Laurence Vance [lewrockwell.com]; Doug Newman [http://foodforthethinkers.com/]; and a LONG list of others! (Just LOOK at how we’ve grown!! ❤ )

    • I’d like to nominate both John Tate and Jesse Benton. They both did an incredible job given the circumstances and pushed the liberty message farther than it has ever gone politically. Ron Paul, liberty, and the Fed are now household terms partially due to the tireless efforts of both Tate and Benton.

    • I would like to nominate Gary Johnson because I believe that Mr. Johnson has been the most honest candidate, and politician to come forward this election year with absolute truth about the current state of disarray of American Government. I believe that he has been one of the leaders in the movement towards true Liberty, and the American way of life. Mr. Johnson inspired me to go forward and start my own blog for the cause of liberty, and conservation of the greatest form of government ever created, that being the American form of government. I believe that he is the most liberal, and yet conservative on the same fronts. He is a true American hero, one who is not afraid to scream the truth from the hilltops just so that the whole world can hear it. He has a phenomenal record, and would have made a wonderful first Libertarian President.

  1. I nominate Ian Freeman, Host of the nationally syndicated radio program Free Talk Live. The largest pro-liberty radio program on the air in the world; on 100+ radio stations across the US and voted the Best Political Podcast at podcastawards.com 5 times. The only podcast to win any of their awards that many times. FTL has been on the air for 10 years. That in and of itself is a tireless labor for liberty, but Ian has also done civil disobedience and been arrested for his principles and run for office more than once. There are few on the planet who have done so much for and believe so strongly in the ideals of Liberty.

  2. I would like to nominate Dr. Robert M. Bowman of Florida. He has run for Congress there and has – despite substantial medical and financial problems – worked to promote a better understanding of the problems facing this nation. An ex-combat and interceptor pilot, Dr. Bowman was also one of the first to be vocal about 9/11 truth and its relationship to the serious criminality going on within our “government.” Dr. Bowman is a worthy man.

  3. Stefan Basil Molyneux; is my nomination, his enlightening philosophies and assistance in developing a critical mind have changed my life.

  4. Stefan Molyneux is my nomination. He has drastically changed my life overall….I have watched his videos and listened to his podcasts for the last three and a half years, I used to hit my dogs, hit my wife, had a billion energies of rage and he has helped me through argumentation, and more specifically, his gentle and alternative nature, has exemplified to me how to live peacefully. I have since stopped hitting my animals, I have also learned how to talk to my wife and how to communicate to her what I want in a factual way, she has just made the decision to get rid of her dogs. I used to threaten her with leaving her because it’s all I knew, this is exactly what I think liberty is all about, it’s about how this can change your personal life, not on how to gather more people to make posters to throw up in front of a camera. Thank you so much Stefan Molyneux, I hope you guys can gather the sincerity and love I have for him in this response.

  5. I also nominate Stefan Molyneux, who promotes principles of non-aggression, property rights and universally preferable behavior.

  6. I would like to nominate Kristin Alpert from Holliston, Massachusetts as a Liberty Inspiration Award candidate. Kristin is a nurse, a mom, a wife, and a great friend to the community and to the Massachusetts Liberty movement. She is at the front of the lines at all rallies and marches, has been a key organizer in planning and executing Liberty events, and most importantly, she inspires others and helps grow our movement through her upbeat and positive attitude. She is a true Patriot and works hard each and every day on spreading the message of Liberty, no matter where she goes. She consistently brings new blood to the movement by educating people and sharing her passion to preserve freedom. She is what keeps me and so many of us going. I do hope that you will consider her as a candidate.

    • I also like to nominate Stefan Molyneux, he has taught me so much in the way of humanity and our rights and explained so much that I never understood before in the way of government and human nature.

  7. I would like to nominate the Fish family from Oklahoma. They travel all over the country at their own expense to livestream conventions and events, coordinate with and stay in close contact with liberty lovers from every state, and as difficult as it may be, work tirelessly within the Republican party in their own state to further the cause of liberty.

    I am nominating Bryan Daugherty of Maine for his hard work in trying to get the Maine delegates seated in Tampa and for his ”Resolution to Restore the Power of the Grassroots”.

    I am nominating Wayne Terhune and Jay Lake of Nevada for their amazing work in getting six states to nominate Ron Paul from the convention floor at the national convention in Tampa. They devoted thousands of hours to coordinating the effort, trying to find the correct form, convincing the delegates, obtaining the signatures, getting the forms notarized and finally presenting the forms to the convention secretary on time, only to have their work ignored.

    Thank you for providing this opportunity to recognize such outstanding liberty loving patriots, which I consider you, Gigi Bowman and Tracy Diaz, too. It was very difficult to choose only three.

  8. You can’t go wrong with the host of Freedomain Radio, Stefan Basil Molyneux. He’s a great philosopher. He has thought me to become better at reasoning with myself. I’m now more calm and thoughtful when I’m in challenging situation, such as class. I have made friends, something I am very proud of.

    – Tobias S. Simonsen from Norway.

  9. Stefan Molyneux and his Freedomain Radio emiting his waves of liberty all across the world, including Slovakia.

  10. It goes without saying that Ron Paul, my President is the most visible of the Liberty candidates, and has done the most to advance the cause of Liberty in 2012 and for decades prior to that.
    So in addition to the newer, more local candidates, Dr. Ron Paul has my nod.

  11. I would like to nominate Luke Rudkowski, founder of WeAreChange. I call him Americas Journalist as his videos are the stuff of legend. His confrontations of Ben Bernanke, Henry Kissinger and others inspires me. I think back to seeing Luke bullhorn against the fascists at the G20 in Pittsburgh. With bullhorn in hand he spoke to the police who were moving to crush dissent reminding them of the Constitution. It was VERY inspiring. I have to vote for Luke. He gets people on the record and holds them accountable for all of America to see. I admire this.

  12. Dang… Bump Stefan to 3rd choice and 2nd would have to be… Andrew Napolitano !!!! 😀
    So many good people to choose from. I’d like to mention Ben Swann too, but oh well.
    BTW: If you scroll down, Ron Paul’s picture says President of the United States of 2012… hahaha. I WISH!!!!

  13. I nominate Mark Warden. In addition to getting elected to two state rep terms in NH, he’s been the driving force behind several other successful campaigns. In the last session he helped push through the 11% budget cut, school choice, and marijuana decrim, among many other successes.

  14. I would like to nominate myself, because although I completely lord over myself, I pretty much let me do whatever I want. I am a benevolent dictator unto myself, and that’s pretty cool of me.

  15. After Ron Paul as number one, I would have a long list of people who have been very important to advancing the cause of liberty. In fact anyone reading this has had a special part to play and probably should reflect on what they have managed to contribute to the movement.

  16. Stefan Molyneux

    I use to be a Republican and was teetering on Libertarian and minarchism. Then Stefan Molyneux had the gall to use objective and rational arguments that helped me get over that last bit of statism left in my bones.

  17. Stefan Molyneux’s work has changed my life. It has helped me bring the principles of liberty into my household as well as opening my eyes to peaceful parenting. I nominate him with all my heart.

  18. I nominate Stefan Molyneux with all of my heart.. His work has changed my life by opening my eyes to the principles of peaceful parenting as well as helping me evaluate how to become a greater embodiment liberty.

  19. This is hard because I find a lot of people inspirational. I have been inspired both educationally and emotionally by so many both near and far to me. My #1 choice really has to be Ron Paul…30 years of consistent message. #2 would be Tom Woods because many can inspire from lecterns and pulpits, a bit on high, but Tom Woods can, with his style of teaching, inspire you eye to eye, within a simple conversation.

  20. Tisha Casida is a wonderful inspiration and has done so much as a Liberty candidate, not only for Colorado, but nationwide. She is most deserving. Of course I must nominate Ron Paul as well.

  21. I humbly nominate M’self. I have been working tirelessly to bring a new paradigm in – one of ultimate freedom for all Humanity – one that eliminates poverty, oppression, wage/debt slavery, and war. Details:

    An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries:


    Be sure to read the short articles linked at the end of the Letter. They define the society in The Abundance Paradigm (a practical path, not the new age “wish it so” creppola that stole the name of My book…)

    Shall We Humans join in a solution? You decide.

  22. I want to place my vote for Tisha Casida for the Liberty Candidate Award.  She truly is an inspiration to so many, showing amazing determination and dedication to principles that have all but died out in our political process.  Frugality and a positive attitude, with wisdom and strength of character surround her on and off the campaign trail.  She is not one to give up and we are lucky to have a candidate who will continue the fight for our freedoms.  I look very forward to her bright future.  Of course my second vote goes for Ron Paul, and third Carol Paul, always and forever my President and First Lady.

  23. I nominate Tisha Casida and Dr. Ron Paul too. I see very few differences between Tisha Casida and Dr. Ron Paul.

  24. I also like to nominate Stefan Molyneux, he has taught me so much in the way of humanity and our rights and explained so much that I never understood before in the way of government and human nature.

  25. Karen Kwiatkowski, who inspired hope in our district for a leaner better goverment. She is our own Ron Paul (who is my second vote) and liberty minded people far and wide worked tirelessly to throw out the non-representative congressman we have been stuck with for 20 years. So much work to be done to educate people about true constitutional governance before we can win more of these battles, but Karen has been a constant voice for liberty.

  26. 1. Ron Paul seems to me to be the most constitutionally consistent candidate for president of the United States in my lifetime. I believe his contribution to the public debate regarding such issues as non-interventionist foreign policy, responsible monetary policy in the austrian economic tradition, opposition to the war on drugs, and cutting back on both the size and scope of government, etc. to be of the utmost value. I was honored and privileged to volunteer as a grassroots supporter during his run for office in 2012, and Ron Paul is the political candidate I would like to nominate for Libertycandidates.org’s Liberty Inspiration Award for 2012.

    2. Nick Allison was the founder of the grassroots political organization known as Combat Veterans for Ron Paul who helped organize marches and rallies, facilitate websites and podcasts, produce merchandise and advertising, and encouraged many others to participate in actively supporting Ron Paul’s candidacy for president as well as promoting the broader philosophy of liberty. Nick Allison is the activist on the ground I would like to nominate for Libertycandidates.org’s Liberty Inspiration Award for 2012.

    3. Adam Kokesh of Adam vs The Man helped organize the Veterans for Ron Paul March On The White House on President’s Day in February of 2012. Adam has helped lead the way for veterans of the “global war on terror” who support our battle-buddies but not the war, to be both true to principles of liberty and politically active. Adam is doubly inspirational as he also shares many of the same battles as others of us do with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & the struggle to exercise our Right to make our own health and ingestion choices regarding the medical use of cannabis. Adam Kokesh is the media personality I would like to nominate for Libertycandidates.org’s Liberty Inspiration Award for 2012.

  27. I would like to remove everyone posting their nominations in these remarks from being nominated due to a complete-and-utter lack of reading capability. A third-grader could read the process for nominating people.

  28. Stefan Molyneux! He supports the non-aggression principle, and is the Aristotle of our time!

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