NY State Wants to Replace Parental Rights to Pander to Big Pharma!


The bill below which is being voted on in NY State wants to require children born after 1996 to have the HPV aka Gardasil Vaccine in order to be enrolled in the Public School system. They are also voting to have this vaccine administered without parental consent???

Lets connect the dots here…..  in the middle of the night on January 14, 2013,  our 2nd Amendment rights were virtually whisked away with a bill presented to the NY Legislature that they barely had time  to read before being voted upon. The reason for this was the “Sandy Hook” incident with the excuse of emergence in having us protect our children from guns. Except for Ken Blankenbush of the 117th Assembly District, and Senator Greg Ball of Westchester, not one of the Assemblymen or Senators mentioned the root cause of these school shootings possibly being  a mental health problem or the over-administering of SSRI medication and instead, with the help of Governor Cuomo, put into law the NY Safe Act –virtually ignoring any correlation between the Pharmaceutical Companies and what seems to be a new national occurrence- “school shootings” (here is a clip from Fox news pointing this out in 2003)

Now, weeks later, we are faced with legislation pandering to Big Pharma once again.  Two bills to be put fourth before the NY Legislature that will not only require children born after 1996 to receive a vaccine in order to attend school but they are also voting on taking away parental rights to administer this vaccine.

A20267 adds the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to the list of vaccines required for school, despite the fact that its actual effectiveness is unknown—at best it may protect against only two of the fifteen cancer-causing strains of the virus—and the side effects and reactions from the vaccine are sometimes severe.

AB497 allows minors to consent to receiving the HPV vaccine without parental consent. States shouldn’t get in the way of family decisions—this is just a way of back-dooring the vaccination.

PLEASE take this time to fight back. Use the attached link to write to the NY Legislators and let them know that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Enough is enough! Keep the state at bay!

Alliance for Natural Health: Tell NY Legislators to Support Vaccine Choice


Gigi Bowman is running for NY State Senate District 5, 2014 because she’s mad.  Real People, Real Issues!

18 thoughts on “NY State Wants to Replace Parental Rights to Pander to Big Pharma!

  1. I can’t even think with this. So, Sandy Hook started this move? But HPV vaccine has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH IT, NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT. HPV vaccine is only ineffective and likely to kill your daughter. Psychiatric drugs are the problem in incidents like Sandy Hook. There is NO SANITY in this at all. HPV is irrelevant to this situation. GET RID OF ANTI-DEPRESSANTS AND OTHER DRUGS LIKE THEM, WHICH CAUSE SUICIDE AND HOMICIDE!!!

    • So you don’t see a correlation that big pharma is at the root of all of this? That our legislators Pander to Big Pharma? They push vaccines and SSRI medication. I certainly do see the correlation. Pushing drugs is pushing drugs. I lost a daughter who committed suicide because of SSRI Medication. I have friends who lost a child because of the Gardasil Vaccine.

  2. this is not good for our children or our future. the risk of the stuff is greater than the danger of the problem. and then there is mercury in it.

  3. It’s reproductive rights- a child doesn’t need consent from a parent. Spreading viruses that could be potentially controlled is a very wise idea? SSRIs SNRIs help and save millions, perhaps we should start institutionalization again for any persons who displays signs of depression or any other mental illness. While no system is perfect- people should not speak out unless they absolutely 100% know all the facts, have accurate data, and have thought about the alternatives.

    • Your screen name is an oxymoron in and of itself. With all DUE respect of course. Please educate yourself, if not, please refrain from spewing your complete ignorance on subjects youre obviously not educated on. Wow.

      • While enjoy wonderland screen name critic- some people live in the real world and deal real world problems, and did acquire real world degrees. And we treat these real world problems of real adolescents who have real mental illness and real STDs. I’m happy you have never treated a 13 year old for gonorrhea. But for a blog which has a theory “question everything”- clearly it meant anything except what I believe. Perhaps politicians should not so much open to interpretation by actual free thinking individuals.

      • To the data- 42 per 1000 unwanted pregnancies in females 15-19 years old – pregancy rates 96 per 1000 in non-white americans. Which is a significant improvement following more acessible birth control without requiring parental consent. 9 million (documented) STIs in persons 15-24 years old. 47.4% of adolescents have had sexual intercourse, 40% did not use a condom with their last sexual encounter, 15.3% of adolescents have had at least 4 sexual partners, 12.9% did not use any form of birth control in their last sexual encounter. It is most likely these numbers are far underreported because for numberous reasons. – questioning my education is clearing displaying a lack of your own

  4. Seriously “Educated Thinker”? My 15 year old daughter is dead because she was prescribed Zoloft in 2003 which was NEVER approved for children under 24. So why was she and thousands of children like her prescribed medication that killed her? Do you trust everything put out by the FDA and the MMA just because they say it’s ok even though many of these Big Pharma companies admit fault years later after people become sick or die from their medication? Do you think a 4th grade child should make medical decisions about themselves because some School nurse says it’s ok? Are you a parent?

  5. I’m very sorry for you loss it is an absoltuley tragic thing. However, you can not blame a medication or entire class of medications for an outcome which could have sadly had the same outcome due to this disease state. Do we blame chemo meds and radiation when a patient dies of cancer or different type of leukemia and lymphoma which is directly caused by the medication which saved them from their original malignancy. And I know an SSRI saved a person who was 14 following her initial suicide attempt in 2001. This just months after a friend of hers successfully commits suicide without possibly due to a lack of medical intervention. General assumptions about anything should never be made, no medical professional will ever say any treatment is without risk. Eating something as natural as a peanut can kill someone, do we blame mother nature. Yes, finances do play a role in every aspect of the world (political campaigns being one of the greatest). To presume pharmaceutical companies have ill intent when creating a therapy and then should be held accountable when things don’t go perfectly.

    While most fourth graders do not have the mental capacity to make these decisions the sad truth is that some of these girls have began menses. God forbid this girl gets raped and her parents don’t believe in abortion she should have this child? Should that young girl be subjected to genital warts and possibly cervical cancer, because of what her parents thought was right.

    Should it be required- probably not; but when a person speaks out so attimently on a topic one would expect they have heavily weighed and thought all possiblities. One would think an adequate amount of data and significant research (billions of dollars worth) would have been performed and made available. Something your enemy which you maliciously term “Big Pharma,” actually does.

    Finger pointing helps no one, except the person who wants to blame someone for an unfortunate outcome. Should we stay indoors because the sun can cause skin cancer, or that lighting will hit us- no because untimately there is no accountable person/company to blame or sue. It’s so easy to blame others and not offer a rational alternative.

    If my teenage daughter suffers from depression, and now because of your advice I choose no pharmalogical invention and she commits suicide should you be held liable? Or if that same child without any treatment and the begins to self medicates with illegal drugs (which many people with mental illness do) also begins to have promiscuous sex, and is then infected HPV strain 16 or 18 and develops cervical cancer. You have publicly stated that the Gardasil vaccine and medications such as Zoloft should not be given because they may result in the death of my daughter. What do then say to the parent of that child?

    Cleverly you have chosen the role of “politician” who chooses their first amendment right to speak out, tries to push their views upon others, yet accepts no responsibilities. If politicians were held liable for their public statements- they would be more mindful of how people follow and interrupt their words. In after 10 years a law which was passed by a politician turns out to be detrimental to society when are they held accountable. Or in turn they are unsuccessful in passing that bill and the reprecussions are grave- why are they not held responsible.
    At least pharmaceutical companies are ethical enough to accept an often weak assumption that their product was the pivitol factor in a poor patient outcome.

    My true hope for my children is that I teach them “blogs” and the majority of what is accessible on the Internet is most likely a poor source and that it lacks any credit or merit.

  6. Glaxosmithkline was sued in 2012 for 3 Billion dollars and lost and admitted guilt in pushing their drugs on doctors to push on patients for “perks”.

    My daughter was prescribed a drug that later on was no longer approved for children under 24.

    And you want to talk about my responsibility? That is exactly what I’m doing –the responsible thing. I’m speaking out so other parents might question before just accepting what they are told by doctors who might be experimenting with their children for “perks” (Madonna tickets, Hawaiian vacations and speaking engagements were listed as the perks in the lawsuit –glad my child died so some doctor might get to see a Madonna concert).

    If someone wants to shoot up their kids with mercury or thimerosal laden vaccines …that is their right. But Mandates and the initiation of force for the “greater good” I have a real problem with. My child does not belong to your village.

    Have a good day.

  7. If that is your belief you have a very skewed view on modern medicine and practitioners. Also a rather bizarre view on the world, America is still waiting on evidence on your apparent claims.

    I’m sorry do politicians not have dinners, have celebrities endorse them to “push” their ideas on the American public? Does your “Liberty Party” not accept donations in the form of money and in turn reward these donors with perks. VIP Wine and Cheese receptions- your argument is beyond weak. Politicians are overwhelming more responsible for financial corruption. Your party actually attempts to change laws set into practice that limit the financial corruption in politics. Yet they are never held accountable for their actions. Ron Paul has successfully passed how many bills? Why is he not held accountable for his lack of success?

    Do you not realize more adolescents die from homicide than suicide? You have no other concerns about SSRIs and how they can prolong QT intervals or how they effect platelets and can pose increased bleeding risk in patients?
    Pharmaceutical and Medical corporations seek to treat people, diseases, and hopefully find a cure. Politicians do not take a Hippocratic oath; they have their own political agenda at hand and tell the public what they want to hear. Which pharmaceutical companies will you blame for the rates of breast cancer on Long Island?
    Sorry, you will need some stronger soap if you hope to continue your brainwashing.

    To say to someone your glad your child is dead is not only beyond disturbing, what is more sickening is that you believe it to be a fact. Mental illness does however run in families. Why have you not sought a cause for the epidemic of adolescent depression in this generation? Why have you not worked with psychologists in creating better screening tools for pediatricians to recognize depression and those who are greater risks for suicide? Why have not realized that the leading form of suicide in males in firearms and in females self-poisoning?
    I would have only hoped that a loving mother who sadly had to deal with death of their child would have sought a better means in honoring her remembrance.
    Rarely a parent uses their child’s death as a soap box for political gains. Then again you don’t believe in a “greater good,” so you only pay attention to your own concerns.

    I’m not looking to argue, just to widen narrow minds. I have no political affiliation just a hope that accurate knowledge is acquired and provided to the parents when making these choices instead of relaying on unfounded and un-researched theories.
    I hope your checkbook is as big as your mouth on the day politicians are held accountable for their advice and actions or lack there of. When did a degree in publishing, and practice realty and advertising make one eligible to dispense medical advise? You will only have yourself to blame, Big Pharma (the world’s greatest enemy) can only be a scapegoat for so many issues.

  8. WOW! Indoctrinated Thinker is more like it! Sad, so many just like this one, no wonder our country is in such peril!

  9. Sounds like someone stayed in their indoctrination centers a little too long and got “over cooked” Talk about too much “schooling” and not enough “education. I have so much to say, but frankly little desire to waste my breath. Gigi Bowman, youre doing a wonderful thing by shedding light and bringing awareness to this subject, and I for one am sure your daughter is very proud of you for your efforts to change this broken system.

    • Clearly if you had something of substance to say you would respond. Its sad that people can post anything on the internet and claim it to fact; the exact reason why media literacy had to be incorporated in school ciriculum. If you’re so upset with where you live- leave. There are countries all over the world which will take you. I hear the AIDS ridden deserts of Africa are lovely this time of year.

  10. “AB 497 allows minors to consent to receiving the HPV vaccine without parental consent. States shouldn’t get in the way of family decisions—this is just a way of back-dooring the vaccination.” As for allowing minors to acquire medical services without parental consent, that’s the only possible liberty position. That said, it’s necessary to make sure that there is no backdoor way into what otherwise are personal decisions is left, that the State stays out of private individual medical decisions. As with parental notification legislation, the only possible liberty position is that this is bad legislation. Proper parenting doesn’t require State involvement.

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